Ella Billings is in her last year of school. Its not that much different until the extremely luscious Skye Voorne worms his way into her life. She finally lets her walls down to Skye when he tells her.....The secret about her life. For Ella it's all go's down hill from there. She finds new powers and new friends. But the one thing that she wasn't expecting was that her new romance would turn the world against her. Will she survive it?


1. Greetings


Ella’s last period bell rang just as she finished scoffing her tuna sandwich in her mouth. She quickly collected her books and scurried off to her last class of the day, which was her least favourite class out of the week, math.

She walked up to the math door and gave it a firm shove with her shoulder and it slowly squeaked open. She walked to the table at the back of the room and quietly sat her things down and waited for the lesson to start.

 She sat patiently and watched all the people that walked through the door. The one that interested her most was a young girl who didn’t look the same age as her maybe a bit older, who came and sat down next to her. She had the most beautiful hair and slim frame but the most interesting eyes, they were pale grey with specks of gold just floating through them. She placed her books down with such grace it amazed her, she caught Ella staring at her and gave her a quick smile.

“Is there something wrong with my hair?” the girl asked. To be truthful her hair was amazing, it was shiny and black and touched down to her waist. “No there is nothing wrong with your hair”, Ella nervously giggled “It looks very beautiful actually!” the girl gave a small smile “why thank you, I’m Jane by the way” She exclaimed stretching out her hand toward Ella “I’m Ella”; she replied shaking Jane’s hand. As Jane pulled away she looked curiously at Ella’s eyes as if she had just been put in a trance “ You have the most amazing eyes, violet, I’ve never seen anyone with eyes like that” she exclaimed in quite a shocked tone. Ella could feel herself starting to blush; it’s not the first time someone has ever commented on how amazing or strange her eyes are. “Um, thank you” But her attention was quickly averted when Mr Brown walked through the doors with a seemingly loud bang as he slammed the door behind him “Well welcome to your year 12 math class, I hope you have lots of fun and can manage to keep your eyes on the work and not on me” he said with a cheeky wink at the end. Mr Brown would have been in his late 20’s with dark brown eyes and a very good body. He wore a white t-shirt that clung to ever muscle on his torso and his hair was thick and black. He was very attractive, all the girls thought so as they whistled and cheered for his short speech. He scanned the class and his eyes dropped on me for a few seconds to long then he checked the roster then looked back at me “Miss Billings I believe it’s your birthday tomorrow, is that correct?” it was true, her eighteenth birthday was tomorrow and she was super excited about it. “Yes sir it is” a cheeky smirk appeared on his face “Well ill make sure not to forget” He replied with a little wink and walked back to his desk and sat down. He had this sort of heavenly glow about him and Ella found it amazing and just stunning, he suddenly stood up with a piece of paper in his hand
“Well looks like we will be having a new student in tomorrow, I would like you all to make him feel welcome, his name is Skye Voorne” Mr Brown announced and you could tell that all the girls were excited to see what he was like and what he looked like by their sudden chatter.  Jane leaned across her desk and gestured for me to do the same “What do you think this Skye guy is going to look like?” she questioned looking around the room “How would I know, by the sounds of his name I think he will be popular, hot and full of himself!” she quickly looked back at me and nodded “Yeah probably”.

The last bell rang and everyone quickly stood up and grabbed their books “I will see you all next week. Don’t forget to bring your maths homework” But no one payed him any attention they were too excited to go out to the weekend, too excited about going to parties and getting drunk.

Her weekend sadly consist of me sitting at home watching cartoons such as SpongeBob and drinking  fizzy drinks and eating meat lovers pizza. Whilst helping my dad and brother with household chores, but at least this time it might involve cake.

Ella ran out into the parking lot and saw her golf sitting there in all its glory of scratches and dents, but that didn’t matter her but something seemed odd when she realised that there was a boy her age leaning up against the car. He would have been a good foot taller than her wearing a fitted dark green t-shirt and cream coloured shorts, his hair was dark and his skin tanned. He looked like a guy that would be in the most popular group of a school or social group. She walked up to her car and his head swung to look at her. He stood up and moved toward her “Is this your car?” He asked flashing Ella the most perfect smile she had ever seen “Uh- uh yeah it is, why?” he looked at the car then looked at her “Because I noticed it has a lot of dents and scratches and really needs a new paintjob” he winked at her but she was too cautious “well I like my car scratches and all thank you very much!” she snapped shoving him aside, but quick as lightning he jumped back in her way, blocking her view of the door handle. “Well how bout I offer you a deal” he said rising an eyebrow, Ella leaned onto her hip trying to show some kind of attitude that wasn’t there “I’m listening” a sudden boost of confidence appeared on his face “ Well as I was saying. If I fix up your car will you consider going on a date with me?” for a spit second she considered his offer but then remembered her small promise she made. Never get involved with guys again. “Sorry but I’m going to have to decline your offer” she said flashing him a smile as she reached for the door handle and gave it a good tug. She plopped herself inside and turned on the engine but it didn’t faze this dashing man staring at her through the window. So she wound down the window “Why haven’t you left already?” she asked quite puzzled “Because Skye Voorne doesn’t give up easily, especially when it comes to beautiful women such as you”. It took Ella a second but then it clicked “Oh- you’re the new guy-right” she exclaimed as she clicked her fingers “Yes I am” he said with a wink “Well I best be going, I’ve got homework to do” Skye didn’t quite know what to think but he sure as hell wasn’t giving up now! “Ok so I’ll see you tomorrow at around 10?” he asked as Ella drove out onto the main road.

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