Me, an angel? Yeah right!

'I’m surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and I have wings! That’s right I’m a freaking angel.'
Jade is dead, she doesn't know how, she doesn't know why. All she does know is that she's an angel. With no memory of her life and just the mysterious Kye to guide her, she must discover what happened to her, whilst trying to be a good angel of course.


3. Wings

“Ready?” Kye asked me once again, a small smirk playing on his lips. I had already chickened out three times. I nodded cautiously, might as well get it over with. “Right on three, kick off from the ground, and flap your wings just like you did the first time,” he placed his hands on my waist, gripping tightly. I looked up at him, he seemed confident, cocky even. He caught me looking and cheekily stuck his tongue out at me, laughing, I did the same back.

“One… Two… Three!”

I kicked off, willing my wings to lift me into the air. We soared up, twenty, thirty feet into the air. I was doing it. What if I fell? As soon as that thought hit me, my wings stopped and I dropped. I shrieked in fear but not even a second after I started falling, Kye caught me. His hands had never left my waist, and he was supporting me in the air. His wings were beating gently, creating a small wind that ruffled my hair. “You okay?” He asked reassuringly. Shakily I nodded, although I wasn’t entirely sure. “Want to try again?” He smiled, but I shook my head, shook it a lot. “Why not?” He said, trying not to laugh – and failing.
 “Because,” I wailed. “What if I fall, I could hurt myself!” He chuckled lightly, and I punched his arm. “What is so funny?” I demanded.
“First of all ow! You punch hard, “He replied, still grinning. “Second of all, didn’t I just prove that I won’t let you fall; besides you’re flying above clouds, which now that you’re an angel, are like big fluffy cushions.” I just raised an eye brow at him. “So,” he continued. “Do you want to try again?” I shrugged, and then nodded.

“Right, get your wings going,” I did what he said, creating a small current of air as I did so. “Good, now I’m going to relax my grip on your waist. Don’t worry I’ve still got you,” He added as he saw my alarmed expression. I willed myself to calm down, knowing panic wouldn’t get me anywhere. “Amazing,” He breathed. “You’re getting this really quickly, I’m going to take my hands off your waist for five seconds, just five seconds! And I just want you to hover, you’ll be fine,” He coaxed.
I felt his hands leave my waist, I kept my gaze on him. I knew that if I looked down I would lose focus. “Kye! I’m doing it!” He grinned at me, laughing at my excitement. I didn’t even notice that he never put his hands back on my waist.

Kye floated about 6 feet away from me, and then motioned for me to come toward him. “B… but I don’t know how…”
“Feel the air around you, will yourself forward. Your wings know what to do, they’re made to fly, let them take over and guide you.” I took a deep breath, feeling the energy rush through my wings, tingling at the tips. Instinctively I tilted forward slightly, before gliding towards Kye. I felt a grin slid across my face, it felt amazing. The weightlessness of flying, I experimented, flying left and right. Kye watched me, a pleased look on his handsome face. I leant back on the air, allowing it cushion me, as I hovered looking at him. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Bored already? Let’s make it exciting then, follow me!”

He quickly flew up into the air, his wings becoming smaller and tucked into his body, beating quickly but barely noticeable. I quickly followed him allowing my body to become streamlined like his. He swooped through the air sharply twisting left and right. I followed, hot on his heels. We danced in the air, darting in and out of each other, turning somersaults and laughing in delight.

He noticed as I started to tire, flying in towards me. He scooped me up in his arms, bringing us slowly down to the bed of clouds. “Thank you,” I whispered before falling asleep in his arms.

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