Me, an angel? Yeah right!

'I’m surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and I have wings! That’s right I’m a freaking angel.'
Jade is dead, she doesn't know how, she doesn't know why. All she does know is that she's an angel. With no memory of her life and just the mysterious Kye to guide her, she must discover what happened to her, whilst trying to be a good angel of course.


4. Recycled

I woke slowly, reluctant to leave sleep behind. Wait. Where was I? I sat up quickly, and found myself in a huge king sized bed. Kye was asleep on the flour, leaning against the bedpost, snoring gently. A rumble in my stomach made me laugh; I didn’t think I would get hungry or tired, being an angel and all. Kye woke with a start, bleary eyed.  “Sorry for waking you,” I whispered. He just yawned and smiled at me. “How come we get tired and hungry? We’re dead, why do we need sleep, or food?” I asked him. He shrugged.
“Force of habit I think, no one really knows to be honest. Either way, sleep gives you a break, and we can still dream, plus could you live without chocolate?” He winked at me, clicking his fingers. A tray laden with orange juice and toast smothered in chocolate spread, appeared on my lap. I grinned at him, “Thanks.” He stole a piece of toast from my tray, whilst I tucked in. Finally full, I gulped down some orange juice and wiped my mouth on the back of my hand.

Kye clicked his fingers again and the tray disappeared. “That’s really cool,” I said admirably. “Can you teach me how to do that?” He shook his head, and I pouted at him. He laughed at the face I pulled, before pulling the covers off me. “You need to earn your wings first,” He told me, I just looked at him, unimpressed. “Stand up,” I did what he said. “Look, my wings are a lot bigger than yours,” My wings unfurled from where they had been tucked up whilst I slept, and sure enough his were definitely bigger. “When you become a fully fledged angel you get your own set of wings, they’re a lot bigger than they were originally and they become a colour that reflects your true nature. The colour purple probably means nothing to you, however the green of my wings represents that I’m calm but mysterious.”

“So how, how do you um earn your wings?” I asked him, confused. He looked uncomfortable...
“I... can’t tell you... You need to work it out for yourself,” I scowled at him,

“I’ll help you of course!” He added quickly. “But essentially, it’s all down to you.”
“What happens if I can’t earn my wings?”
He looked uncomfortable again. “You, um, become a fallen angel...” He could obviously tell I was confused and continued. “If you can’t learn the basic skills because of some corrupt reason, or you refuse to accept yourself as an angel, your... your soul gets recycled.”

“Recycled!” Tears started to well in my eyes, I can’t be recycled!
“Hey, hey Jade it’s alright,” He said softly, trying to reassure me, “That won’t happen to you I promise.” I looked at him, accusation and distrust in my eyes. “Trust me,” he smiled his cocky grin. I wiped the tears from my eyes, and he pulled me into a hug. “Hey you want me to teach you how to transport?” He said with a cheeky wink.


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