Me, an angel? Yeah right!

'I’m surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and I have wings! That’s right I’m a freaking angel.'
Jade is dead, she doesn't know how, she doesn't know why. All she does know is that she's an angel. With no memory of her life and just the mysterious Kye to guide her, she must discover what happened to her, whilst trying to be a good angel of course.


9. Memories

Kye shook his head roughly, his fringe flicking out of his eyes, to just fall back in place. “I really don’t like transporting long distances,” I smirked at him and jabbed him in the ribs with my elbows. “Focus!” I said cheekily. I surveyed my surroundings carefully; we appeared to be standing outside a primary school, wait... I know that school. I went to that school! It’s Berkeley Primary School, and it’s just down the road from... from... hmm I can’t remember that yet. “What time is it?” I asked Kye. He checked his watch.
“Nearly half three in the afternoon,”
“They’ll be coming out of school soon,” Kye looked at me quizzically. It was gonna be hard to explain to him everything I had just remembered... “Give me your hand, I’ll share my thoughts with you, it’s easier than explaining everything.” He closed his eyes gently; I could feel his reaction to my thoughts provoking memories of his own. I could quite easily have seen them but they seemed private, his eyes flickered open after a few seconds. He smiled, “You're remembering stuff really well, keep the mind connection, it will make it easier for us to communicate,” I nodded.

Inside the school a bell rang and instantly a flood of children spilled out onto the playground. They were running straight for us; I flinched instinctively, but felt a train of thought coming from Kye... ‘They can’t see us, feel us or hear us, they can’t hurt us. They’ll just go straight through us...’ As the last thought reached me a little kid ran through my stomach. I whipped around to see who it was and my heart flipped. It was my sister.

She seemed to be running towards someone, my heart turned another somersault as I saw who it was... my mum.

Kye’s P.O.V

I felt her heart jump when her sister ran through her, the first time someone goes through you is really strange. But when she saw her mum... I know what it’s like seeing family again, the instant rush of recognition. I felt faces, birthdays, places flooding her head, flooding mine as they passed through our connection. She was 15 and 9 months, born September 13th 1997, her sister was 9 last month 20th April. A picture flashed into my mind, it was a birthday party, Mara sat at the head of the table, Jade grinning beside her. A huge pink cake was in front of her, complete with nine candles and edible glitter. I could only see three faces clearly, Mara’s, Jade’s and their mum’s. Jade didn’t remember anyone else yet. The picture blurred and changed...

This time it was Jade and Mara at a park. She looked about thirteen, Mara only seven. They were both laughing, and smiling, hair whipping about in the breeze.
Memory after memory flashed through my head, faster and faster, mostly focused around Jade and Mara.

My eyes snapped open when the trail of memories came to an abrupt end. I looked round at Jade; a silent tear was trickling down her cheek and I wiped it away softly. I pulled her into a hug and she relented without putting up a fight. Her hands wound round my neck and she buried her face in my chest. I couldn’t help but feel protective. She sobbed quietly for a while before straightening up. She wiped a hand across her eyes roughly trying to get rid of the tears. “Do you want to follow them home?” She nodded slightly and took my hand again. We walked off, silently conversing through thought.

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