Me, an angel? Yeah right!

'I’m surrounded by white fluffy clouds, and I have wings! That’s right I’m a freaking angel.'
Jade is dead, she doesn't know how, she doesn't know why. All she does know is that she's an angel. With no memory of her life and just the mysterious Kye to guide her, she must discover what happened to her, whilst trying to be a good angel of course.


6. Change

“I did it!” I screamed happily, throwing my arms around Kye. I had finally managed to transport to him. Laughing I untangled myself from him. “Well done,” he laughed, “Now try transporting over there, without me to concentrate on.” I focused on a spot about 10 meters to my left, then closed my eyes. I felt the energy rush through me again, I was getting good at that. The tingling intensified, and I felt myself shrinking, the tingling and pinching reached a peak where it was almost painful. Then I disappeared, it was like being stretched and pulled through a small tube although it wasn’t unpleasant. I reappeared with a shriek of joy, I could finally do it. Kye appeared with a small pop beside me, I grinned at him, and he mirrored me.

“There’s one thing left that I can teach you before it’s time to go to Earth,”
“Earth…” I knew what it was, I remembered it vaguely, I wasn’t stupid I just didn’t remember any friends or family, or any aspect of my life. It was highly frustrating. “What do you need to teach me?” I wondered.
He smirked at me “You’ll like this, I’m gonna teach you how to change your appearance!” My mouth fell open.... that was so cool! I had wanted to change my hair for ages, I hated how frizzy it was, plus I would rather it was pinky rather than bright flame red. “How?” I breathed. He laughed at me, not unkindly, and conjured a full length mirror. He took me by the shoulders and steered me round so I was looking directly in it. “Start with your clothes, they’re easiest, imagine your top is purple not pink, change it in your mind and use your energy to change it physically. Imagine it on you, feel it.” I wrinkled my nose in concentration. Slowly the t-shirt I was wearing changed from baby pink to violet. “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing; can I change it to anything I want?” I exclaimed excitedly. Kye nodded, and I squealed with joy.

Kye’s P.O.V.

I watched her as she experimented with her clothes, changing her t-shirt to a long sleeved floaty top, to a jumper dress. Then she started with her jeans, she went through so many pairs it was unbelievable. I was fascinated as she managed to change her clothes quicker, using less concentration, making them appear with small pops rather than slowly fading in like I have to do. She finally settled on a simple blue minidress, with white sandals and a denim jacket. I raised an eyebrow at her, “finally done are we?” She stuck her tongue out at me and I responded by tickling her mercilessly until she surrendered, gasping for air. “You can also change your facial appearance; ya know hairstyles, and colour, also eye colour. Some talented people can even slightly change their eye, nose and mouth shape, but that’s quite difficult.”
“How do I do that?” She questioned, eager to get started.
“The same way you did your clothes, imagine it then make it real.” I watched as she experimented again. She changed her hair to a pinky red, and made it fall in loose wave’s midway down her back, with a side fringe that curved around her face. Somehow I found myself missing the flame coloured frizzy curls. I noticed that she left her eyes alone which I was glad about. The piercing green eyes in the mirror, met mine and she turned slowly. “I’m done...”

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