Fight for me!!

Hi my name is lillianna johnston.Im 17 years old i have blonde hair,deep blue eyes,and im mentally unstable.


2. running

*** 2 HOURS LATER*** *LILLIANNA POV * I WOKE UP WITH A KILLER HEADACHE . As i got up and looked around the house my mom. was no where to be found i automatically assumed that. she was either sleep or she was tucking around with some guy on the street . I walked into the living room and looked at the clock. it read 1:35a.m. I knew. that this was my only chance . I had to leave my mom would be home soon soo... I ran up stairs to my room,i grabbed my back AND started thrown clothes into it but before i left the room i grabbed my blanket and started dorm the door as i was making my way down stairs i heard the door knob turn .........
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