My Omegle Love

This is how we started talking...

Stranger: hey
You: hi
Stranger: how are you?
You: good, you?
Stranger: yea pretty good
Stranger: where are you from?
You: australia you?
Stranger: no kidding. me too!
You: really? which part?

That was when it lead to exchanging emails, talking to each other on Skype, adding each other on Facebook, and sending text messages. This is the story of my omegle love.


1. Step 01: Meet a stranger on Omegle

Step 01: Chat with a stranger on Omegle

"Can you even believe he wants me back?" Justine asked me from her side of the phone, her voice cracking at the end of her sentence. "I keep on getting text messages from him but I don't get it! First, he cheats on me and now he wants me back?" I held my phone still in between my shoulder and ear as I kept on organizing my closet. "Boys are so confusing!" Justine finished, making me picture her shaking her head in disapproval. 

"Well those are boys for you," I replied, taking the phone in my hand. "Remember when Daniel asked me out last year?" The memory was still fresh in my mind, engraved forever. "I'll never forget that year and how everyone made fun of me. If only he didn't humiliate me in front of everyone!"

Justine let out a heavy sigh and I could hear her bed creak as she fell back on it. "Alexandra, I felt so bad for you that year," Justine honestly said, her voice still cracking. "You deserve so much better than that asshole! I thought Daniel invited you to his party because he wanted you to be there and show you off. I had no idea that he would do something so despicable."

"Yeah, like humiliate me by making me believe that we were actual soul mates?" I sarcastically commented, rolling my eyes. I took out one of the hangers to catch a glimpse of a cute blue spring jacket. How come I've never seen this before? "Justine, forget we even spoke about Daniel. I don't know why I brought him up."


"Do you know where Daniel is?" I asked Daniel's closest friend, Riley. He shrugged and pointed up the stairs. I went up the stairs, feeling more relaxed from the heavy boombox downstairs. I knocked on his bedroom door and waited for him to open the door. "Daniel?" I called.

No answer.

"Daniel? It's me, Lexi."


I reached over and turned the doorknob to open his door. I stepped inside and glanced around the room, not seeing anything at first. Then, the corner of my eye caught it. 

"Daniel? Who-" I started to say.

There was Daniel, pinning some moaning blonde girl up against the wall. They were kissing passionately, like there was no tomorrow. The blonde was caressing his exposed chest as he fondled with her breasts through her black dress, both of them moaning into the kiss.

"Daniel!" I gasped, tears prickling in my eyes. How could he cheat on me like this?

Daniel pulled away and turned to see me, smirking devilish-like. The blonde girl put a pout on her face as he stepped away from her and started to walk towards me. "I'm so sorry that you had to see this, Lexi. You know, we could still be close friends," Daniel said in a fake tone of voice, cupping my face. He brushed his lips against mine and mumbled against them, "Really close friends."

I pushed him away with all the energy I had left. "Why did you cheat on me? I thought you actually loved me, Daniel! How could you hurt me like this and still want me to be with you?" I practically shouted at him, clenching my fists to my sides. 

"I used to, Lexi. I used to," Daniel whispered by my ear.

"Kill her!" The blonde girl screamed, her face turning red from rage. "Kill her, Daniel!"

With one swift moment, Daniel kicked the back of my knees. I fell to the ground from pain, my legs stinging. I struggled to stand up but my body was shaking from fear and pain. His foot dug into the small of my back, pressing hard. I cried out loud, trying to move away but the blonde girl attacked.

She gripped my hair and pulled at the strands, shouting profanities like: "You bitch!" 

I did my best to fight back, managing to punch at her face and kick at Daniel. But that night was when I came back home with a broken heart and my dignity shattered into pieces that no one could put back together. I was abused by Daniel and a girl I never met.

<Flashback Over>

"-just be calm and you'll think straight enough," Justine finished her sentence, which I wasn't paying attention to.

"Yeah," I simply muttered. "Um, so I'll see you and Lena later today?" 

"Sure thing," Justine agreed, sighing. "There's so much homework this weekend! I'm bringing the math homework so we can work on it together. I just can't understand geometry at all!"

"Text Lena then," I told her, crossing my legs as I sat down on my bed. "She should bring hers."

"Check," Justine said, snapping her fingers. "I have to go now, Lexi. My mom's calling. Talk to you later!"

"Yeah, bye!" I said, hanging up. 


"Girls night out!" Lena shouted, fist pumping the air randomly. "Where's the frickin' popcorn, Lexi?" She searched through the kitchen cabinets for popcorn bags. "We should so watch a movie while eating your delicious buttered popcorn, right Justine?"

Justine looked up from my laptop. "Hmm? Uh, yeah! Now leave me alone. I'm on to something here." She took a bite from one of the chips from the potato chip bag. She typed something and a couple of seconds later, started giggling hysterically. "What an idiot," she mumbled and typed something else.

"Justine, what the hell are you doing?" I asked stubbornly.

"Just talking to a stranger on Omegle," Justine replied as if it was nothing. "This guy is an idiot. He wants to Skype to have cyber sex even though he doesn't know what gender I am. What if I was a guy reading this? He's so stupid!" Justine giggled at the scene before showing us the laptop. "It's so much fun in this website, girls! How about if all three of us chat with a stranger?"

Lena's eyes widened and she clapped her hands together, meaning she just got an interesting idea. "Yeah! That's an awesome idea! But how about if we do it like this? We each talk to one person while being locked in one room for 10 minutes."

"Video chat," Justine slowly pronounced and smirking at me deviously. "And Lexi goes first!"

"I vote to go second!" Lena called 'dibs' on it.

"I hate you all!" I dramatically shouted at them and snatched the laptop, rushing into my room and locking the door behind me. I respected dares a lot and I wasn't a freak about it. I clicked on the video chat button, waiting for it to load. I sighed and heard Justine and Lena giggling from behind the door. "Oh shut up!" I yelled at them.

That was when the video camera opened to reveal the most handsome guy I've seen in my life. He had brown hair that seemed messy but totally attractive for me. I looked closely to see that he had chocolate brown orbs that sparkled with excitement.

"Hello there," the guy said.

He has a British accent.



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