Still The One

Cathy has never revealed her past but when new boy Justin moves to her school will it all come out...


4. Realisation

Justins P.O.V

The rest of the day passed so slowly i couldn't handle it i need to know. So many girls were coming up to me to try and get close but i couldn't be bothered with any of them. 

"Girls girls can i please have some alone time?" i asked as politely as i possibly could.

"sure call us" they all said at once. WEIRD its like they practiced it.

i walked off and went outside for some fresh air. It so didn't help!


Cathy's P.O.V

OMG i have such a big mouth what did i say that for omg i'm such an idiot. i couldn't believe what i had said. I walked as far as i could and found Lilly sat on a bench. She didn't know about my past and i wasn't planning on  telling her so i put on the best fake smile that i could and sat down.

"haiii you OK?" she said so bubbly.

"ye you know the use!"i said bluntly.

"oh ye" she said. i felt kinda bad but what could i do i couldn't tell her she would freak and probably never speak to me again.




OMB i am soooooooo sorry guys its taken so long ive been off and i havent had any time i promise to try and update more but we start back at school. this is a bad chapter but its just a filler ;) you have to wait for the good stuff! Much Love Charleexoxo

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