Still The One

Cathy has never revealed her past but when new boy Justin moves to her school will it all come out...


1. New Kid

Cathy's POV:

"get out of bed NOW" my step dad screamed whilst pushing me off the bed. We had never gotten on since my mum met him but recently he has become more violent towards me. He just hits me for no reason.

"fine whatever!" I yell back dragging myself off the floor.

*oh god do I fucking hate him*

Thankfully he just left and I grabbed a towel and some clean clothes and went for a nice warm shower. I turned on the radio full blast to drown out any of his shouting. 

*15 minutes later*

I quickly applied a light amount of mascara and concealer, lightly curled my hair and threw on a snap back. I was sure I had the world's biggest collection. I ran down the stairs grabbed my car keys from the bowl, grabbed my bag and slammed the door as I left. 

The car journey was short but painful! I hate silences I think to much about the past.

I arrived at school and went to meet my friend in the usual spot.

"heyy" Lola shouts as she sees my walking.

"sup you okay?" I reply casually.

"ye have you heard about the new kid in school today?"she asks.

"no what's his name?" I whisper whilst pulling out my ipod.

"ohh errm I think his names Justin Bieber he just moved here from Canada" she pointed out. 

I suddenly felt my whole body tense and go into complete lock down. It couldn't be... No it wouldn't be... Could it?

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