Still The One

Cathy has never revealed her past but when new boy Justin moves to her school will it all come out...


3. Never

I went and sat by the tree pulling out my iPod and putting it on full blast. Suddenly someone blocked my light! Looking up I knew it could only be him...

"hey miss moody" he said smirking

"get out of my face I don't like you" I replied snarling at him

"woahhh there's no need for that"he said looking hurt

"there is every need for that you don't even fucking remember me!" I blurted out!

"remember you? What do you mean?" He looked puzzled.

"just leave it forget I said it" I shouted whilst getting up and walking away.

"no wait.." He called but I just ignored him.

Justins POV:

remember her? What does she mean...oh wait! She couldn't be! No I was told she died. Amy...? No never!

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