Still The One

Cathy has never revealed her past but when new boy Justin moves to her school will it all come out...


2. It can't be

 *form time*

I ran into form and took my seat. Nobody was there yet so I had time to think. 'if it. Was him he wouldn't never recognise me! Would he? No I've dyed my hair lost weight I don't wear glasses anymore he would never know...*

My thoughts were interrupted by everyone stumbling into class laughing about there weekend.

"class that's enough" Mr Styles said "i have an announcement to make"

The whole class went silent. "right well we have a new pupil in school today he will be joining our form. His name is Justin Bieber"

Omg no not my form! This is my final year and that liar is going to ruin it!

"do you mean the Justin Bieber?" sally the class whore asked.

"yes sally but just because he is a teen pop sensation doesn't mean you treat him any differently" Mr Styles spoke softly.

At that moment didn't he walk in right on que. 

He stood there taking in all the stairs from girls who wanted to date him and boys who wanted to be him.

"sir I have to leave now!" i said abruptly.

"don't leave on my account shawty" justin said making me cringe.

His voice made me want to be sick I cannot re-live them memories. With that I left slamming the door as I went.

"someone's touchy today" i heard him say. I wanted to kill him. I had no other choice than to let my anger out on the lockers. I think I punched 20 doors off before leaving through the main doors.


A/N: sorry it's taken so long I've had exams :( I'll update again soon. Much love Charleexoxo

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