just another love story

Jessy is just another love-struck nineteen year old until one concert ticket changed her life.....


2. eye contact and numbers

 Jessy's pov.

      Well guess its time to go to the concert! Julie and I are all dressed and ready to go! We hopped in the car and drove off the car ride was akward but after this I know it'll be all worth it! <><at the concert><> 

       We got our tickets and prepared for the screaming fan that await the boy band. Julie and I waited at our seats as people streamed in.  I think it was about 8:00 when it was time to begin. Gosh liam looked amaZAYN!  Ugh if only he'd notice me!- oh wait no he did!! But he just stared at me. And stared and stared and stared!!!  At last he bent down and gave me a piece of paper- it had his phone number... Julie just looked at me amazed with what had just happened. It read <>< hey call me? 561 765 6432<><> not his real number><><> wow AHHHHHHHHH  

Liam..... gave....... me ........ his.......PHONE NUMBERRR!!!!!  

       I was tired after that concert, I mean you cant even imagine. Especially since liam looked at me and gave me his phone number!  Well this will be an adventure...

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