Our Love Is.....

What happens when 13 year old Trisha Hardwall, A normal everyday girl, bumps into her celebrity crush...... he is not what she expected... he is rude, annoying, and just being a brat... Will she ever see the good in him.. or will she have to just ditch him


2. Worst Day Ever.......

He was coming closer and closer to me I didn't know what to do. The first thing that came into my mind was Trish you better start running or should I talk to him. I guess I was thinking to much because when I looked again there HE was. The guy that broke my heart into millions of pieces. The guy that I thought I loved...... and most importantly the guy that I thought loved me. My chin was still on the floor.

" It's not very lady like to keep your mouth open like that, a fly could build a nest in there" Jason said. "ughhh thank goodness we broke up so I don't have to laugh at your lame jokes" I said while rolling my eyes. He sat down and we.... or should I say he  started telling me the stuff any ex would say like.... I miss you like crazy or I cant stop thinking about you. I guess he couldn't tell that I was getting quite annoyed with him. Katie probably noticed because when I saw her she was annoyed and pretty pissed. She hated Jason from the moment we started dating. She would always walk out of the room if he was with me or around me. When I told her what happened, she gave me the I told you so look. I wouldn't blame her. 

She was walking up to me. oh thank god I cant stand 1 more word coming from him. " Hey Its the jerk that broke my little Trish's heart, Jason right?" she said while he nodded. "Well, Trish, I am going to go home wanna come or would you like to stay here and talk to him, it..... wait what exactly are you?" she asked. I tried to hold in my laughter. "Human, like you" he said. "Well that's what you think..... I am pretty sure your some kind of THING so I don't want my little Trish to get some kind of disease from you" she said. That was when I busted out laughing. I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! 

" Well I have to go, work to do tomorrow so I have to wake up early" I lied. "Well can I please see you again, can we at least get coffee " he asked. "No!" I said. With that I picked up my stuff and self and left the club. I started walking until I bumped into someone I never thought I would see again........... This must be my worst day ever!!!!





Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry if it sucked!

Oh and please tell you friends about this story it would mean a lot. THANKS!!!!

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