Our Love Is.....

What happens when 13 year old Trisha Hardwall, A normal everyday girl, bumps into her celebrity crush...... he is not what she expected... he is rude, annoying, and just being a brat... Will she ever see the good in him.. or will she have to just ditch him


1. Getting Ready.......

" OMG Trish you take forever" my best friend Katie said. "Well its kinda hard to look this good" I said finishing the last touches of my make-up. I don't put a lot because my face is not a coloring book. I was wearing a tight red dress and black heels. Me and Katie were going to a club because i just broke up with my boyfriend Jason...



I had a long say at work. My boss yelled at me for not throwing away my trash. Then my car broke down in the middle of the road. And now I just wanna go home and relax and cuddle with my boyfriend of 10 months.

I finally got home and I unlocked the door. I could hear moans coming from Jason I thought he was trying to pleasure himself.... that is when I heard a girls voice. " Go deeper Jason make me scream so loud the neighbors will hear". That's when tears started forming in my eyes. I just decided to leave I didn't want to see anything because the pain would be to much.



When we got to the club I could smell the alcohol. I went straight for the bar to get my mind off things. I couldn't  help but feel like I was being watched. I turned to my left to see a make out session going on. I look to my left my right and I saw HIM.. my eyes went wide ... HE was making his way over to me.... I could almost swear that my chin is now on the floor.





Sorry this was short and i am sorry if it sucked this is my first book!

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