Will my life be ever the same

life is has been anything but rainbows and sunshine for Ally and her best friend Emma. but that could all change when her and Emma meet people that will make a difference in there life it could be good or bad.
Who will Ally pick ????



2. Questions answered


Alyssa: Liam stop I understand and I think its sweet that you fell that way but there is something that I need to tell you ummm Liam I have ummm a boyfriend... there I said it I have a boyfriend

**End of Recap**

Liam P.O.V.

Not even a minute after she had said that I had stormed out of her house. Since then I haven't talked or heard from Alyssa  but at the same time I have a few questions for her.

Who is He?/ Do I know him?

How long have they been together?

Does she love him/ Does he love her?

Finally at around noon someone came pounding at my door. When I opened my door and there was Alyssa and a guy with brown hair and blue/green eyes who is about 5'9ish walked in. As I was about to ask who he was and why they were here she opened her mouth and simply said "Liam im guessing you have questions but here is the answer to one... This is my boyfriend his name is Nathan.. Nathan Sykes".  Then she continued with "Babe this is Liam.. Liam Payne". "Oh Hi" Nathan muttered

Suddenly Nathan was looking at me like why the fuck am I meeting you? Suddenly after Nathan and I were done glaring at each other the pain right where my heart is felt like Alyssa had pulled it out and stomped it felt like she didn't care about me or anything that I felt for her. She was acting like her and Nathan were the two only people in the world who matter. The next thing I remember is waking up in my room and hearing Alyssa screaming "Nathan if I wanted to be with Liam which I don't want to be do you really think I would be with you"? In response I heard what sounded like Nathan screaming back " why the fuck are you screaming at me? then Alyssa screaming back "Because you aren't listening to me and you are assuming something is going on between Liam and I which I don't want anything to go on between Liam and I. "Then to make sure I can trust you we are done till you can prove that to me cause I don't believe it" replied Nathan then the door slammed. I was so mad not event because of what Alyssa said but because of what Nathan had said to Alyssa. Once I had walked in to the living room. Alyssa was on the couch sobbing and when I asked her what had happened she replied with " Nathan is under the assumption that I want to be with you not him after he made that assumption he told me that he was breaking up with me because he wants to see if he can trust me... suddenly I heard the song I found you by the wanted was playing

I said, people

we are all looking for love tonight

but sometimes we cant see it

we are all blinded by the light

and we all get love, all get love

searching for that piece of mind

just when I had given up

looking for some kind of inside

that's when I found you, you, you

I found you, you, you 

I found you, you, you

I found you, you,you

then Alyssa answered  her phone and said " that's not what I was saying you know I love you but I don't know anymore you've changed and we fight a lot  so I need to think ill text you later ok bye!

After she got off the phone she got up and left it was almost already 11pm so I went to bed after I was done skyping with my best friend Danielle. If Alyssa stays with Nathan maybe ill ask Danielle to be my girlfriend.


Should Alyssa and Nathan get back together?

Should Liam ask Danielle to be his girlfriend?

Do all of you readers know where I got Nathan Sykes from?

If you don't know where Nathan Sykes is from he is in the band the wanted look him up on YouTube please

 here is the link to him singing


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