Will my life be ever the same

life is has been anything but rainbows and sunshine for Ally and her best friend Emma. but that could all change when her and Emma meet people that will make a difference in there life it could be good or bad.
Who will Ally pick ????



3. More Drama

Alyssa  P.O.V

The pain of not being with or hearing from Nathan is eating me alive. Those few words of him saying "you need to prove that you want me and only me write a speech. All I need to do is read it to him so that he will believe me. **Grabs phone**

Alyssa: Hey I need to see you to so that I can prove it to you   xx

Nathan: Hi! ok whatever when

Alyssa: Can you come now? its irgent!

Nathan: are you sure its not like you care since you haven't had me around you are properly been all of that liam kid

Alyssa: I am sure and I do care a lot and I will never be all over him...... please come now! XX ;)

Nathan: leaving now

Alyssa: ok thanks see you soon

**A few mins later**

Nathan comes knocking at my door once I finally get the door open teary eyed Nathan walked in and hugged me with the tightest hug he had ever given me and said "Alyssa I don't even care about the "proof" these past two weeks without you have nearly killed me. I have realized that you are all I want and all I need forever. I love you more than anything *gives ally a ring ** then says" this is a promise ring a ring that represents the promise that I make with you today that promise is that I Nathan sykes promise that I will never leave you and to be with you and only you until you order me away. once  Nathan was done I replied with ummm ok I still want you to hear what I wrote you..  You are the first person who has broken through all of my walls the first person who I haven't shut out. The first person to support me and accept me for everything I am and everything in my past, present and future. So what do you mean to me? You are everything to me without you there is nothing of any value to me. Without you there is no point of living . You are the reason I wake up in the mourning and go to bed at night . Without you I wouldn't of gotten through my brother's death . I know that I've never told you this but Nathan thank you and I love you for you! I realize that you put up with a lot for and from me. don't you ever forget that I love you  to the moon and back .  I love you to infinity and beyond  I love you more than stars in the sky. But most importantly you are the most amazing person in the world. About a minute later while Nathan and I were in a very heated make out session  I heard my door open and screaming WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ALYSSA I looked up and  it was my best friend Emma..... ummm Emma listen I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how cause the first time Nathan and I started dating you hated him so much so that's why I didn't tell you that Nathan and I had gotten back together. I have no idea why you hated him so much...... since we are on that subject I wanted to know why you hated him. as soon as I finished that sentence Nathan said " hey ummm Emma I know why you hate me but I wanted to tell you what happened the first time when Alyssa and I started dating will never happen again I promise.

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