Will my life be ever the same

life is has been anything but rainbows and sunshine for Ally and her best friend Emma. but that could all change when her and Emma meet people that will make a difference in there life it could be good or bad.
Who will Ally pick ????



1. I have a boyfriend

Alyssa's P.O.V:
Today was my first day at my new school I already knew a couple people like my bestie Emma and her friend Niall. I also know three of Niall's best friends their names are Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. I met them all through Emma. But there will be a new face I don't know, Emma said that i'll love him

*2 hours later*
Emma's P.O.V.
Hey Alyssa over here... You Remember Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry right... oh and by the way this is Liam... Liam Payne. Alyssa wanted to talk to Liam about something when he pulled Niall aside to talk to him.

Liam's P.O.V:

What could Alyssa have to talk to me about. we just met.. I gotta talk to Niall about this! oh there's niall... "Hey niall can I talk to you real quick just the two of us?" "Yeah Liam what is it bro?" he had asked me. "Niall I can't believe this but Alyssa is hot!" I told him.

As Liam was talking to Niall about Alyssa, Niall said he should tell Alyssa that he liked her if he wanted to. And Niall had told Liam that he thinks that Alyssa might really like Liam as well. Yea it was a quick conversation but it was Alyssa's first day at her new school so.

Later that day as I was telling Her how I felt about her as more than a friend.. her perfectly strait brown hair with her huge green eyes and her freckles that are sprinkled all of her nose and cheeks with her perfectly red lips she is perfect I thought. When I started telling her how I felt by saying that she is perfect and that I love everything about her she interrupted me by giggling and blushing every time I complimented her. All I was thinking this whole time was gosh why does she have to be so cute?. the more I complimented her the redder she got.  When I came to my last sentence  of telling how I felt about her she said " Liam stop I understand I think its sweet that you feel that way but I have a boyfriend.....




(A/N) sorry for the long waited chapter I will update sooner hope ya luv the story

Should Alyssa and Liam become a couple?

If Alyssa and Liam become a couple what is there couple name?

Who is Ally's mysterious boyfriend?

Is he one of the guys or is he outside their group of friends?

Does Emmy know about him?


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