The Beast Inside

Yaba is not an ordinary girl her family died along time ago trying to save her she was sent to an orphanage but ran away all her life she has been living in the Turner Mansion but one day a boy decides to explore the mansion will Yaba let him enter her heart ore will he end up like the rest... dead. Will he find the secrets with in the house.


2. Truth or Death?!

"Ok Zac it's your turn," Melissa yelled in my face "Truth or Dare," being the dare devil I am I chose dare.

"I dare you to umm go into the umm Turner Mansion,"

"WHAT NO ARE YOU CRAZY!" I couldn't help but yell in her face

"what are you to scared," she teased me 


"then go,"

"but anyone who goes in never comes back out,"

"do you really believe that," Jack asked in a voice like I was an idiot "dude it's a dare you have to do it,"

"fine," I groaned my friends ,some friends I have, walked e to the front gate it was covered in  vines and ivy I took a while but I manage to find the handle a think cloud of gray fog lined the ground when I opened the gate some of it flushed out I looked back at my friend and stepped inside I walked up to the house opens the door and walked in.

"ok guys im in can I come out now," just then the giant doors slammed shut

"well,well,well what do we have here,"


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