The Beast Inside

Yaba is not an ordinary girl her family died along time ago trying to save her she was sent to an orphanage but ran away all her life she has been living in the Turner Mansion but one day a boy decides to explore the mansion will Yaba let him enter her heart ore will he end up like the rest... dead. Will he find the secrets with in the house.


4. The Figure

I backed up my hand hit the wall funny usually women  in horror movies it edged closer to me its eyes still on me it let out a low growl showing all of its long bloody fangs its eyes seemed to glow red as it edged closer and closer I screamed I was about to die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I repeated in my head which is very helpful. But then it backed up its eyes no longer glowed red the hair on its back slowly started to go down as it edged away. It started to take shape into something different it looked like  the figure of a woman I tall slender yet muscular figure a hot figure. Out of the shadow (yes again more shadows) stepped a beautiful young lady with brown hair and brown eyes she was wearing a old black corset and a long long dark green skirt with a hat it was a 1700 century styled hat but ones like that are very rare it was made out of straw and had a green ribbon around it a light green silk ribbon the hat drooped over face i couldn't see her face under the hat but i could tell by the way she was wearing that hat and hoe dark her clothes are that shes not nice.     

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