The Beast Inside

Yaba is not an ordinary girl her family died along time ago trying to save her she was sent to an orphanage but ran away all her life she has been living in the Turner Mansion but one day a boy decides to explore the mansion will Yaba let him enter her heart ore will he end up like the rest... dead. Will he find the secrets with in the house.


6. Strange

I walked down the hall man this place is creepy as hell. Old pictures of dead people, old furniture covered in cob webs, dead bodies,rusty stuff wait dead bodies I am freaking out I am going to die I walked well more like hobbled farther down the hall trying not to faint I got to giant room with 8 large coffin like things and 1 small  one I looked over the small one "Lilyif Naje Wakins 10 August 1700-11 August 1700," wow that's sad a day old I might cry but I won't I'm popular and I'm a man an I don't cry. It turned out they all died on the same day 11 of August 1700 interesting. I decided to open one of the coffins. I opens it expecting to see a pile of bones but instead I saw a perfectly preserved body it looked as if she wasn't dead. She hade beautiful long glossy brown hair that was neatly combed her face was very pale and he lips where deep red she was beautiful. I looked at the lid of the coffin "Belana Elizbth Wakins 1 January 1569 - 11 August 1700," it's a shame she's dead "wait what," I yelled "1569-1700 she was 131 years old!" OMFG how can anyone live that long especially in that time period I mean this house is so weird.


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