The Beast Inside

Yaba is not an ordinary girl her family died along time ago trying to save her she was sent to an orphanage but ran away all her life she has been living in the Turner Mansion but one day a boy decides to explore the mansion will Yaba let him enter her heart ore will he end up like the rest... dead. Will he find the secrets with in the house.


1. Lets make it clear

Lets make one thing clear Yaba is not a weird name it means fathers joy in English it stands for Abby. My name is Yabaglar  Clar Wakins or Abigail Claire Watkins. Meaning Fathers joy,beauty and worrier I am all of those. Brown hair and light brown eyes but I am not that pretty on the inside. I've been living in the Turner Mansion for over 220 years. Explores,love birds,scientist lets just say a lot of people come see what is inside of this old place but never come out anyone who dares to trespass faces great charges death which gives me lots of energy and I get strong I have spent more then 221 years planing my revenge on the Royster family I want  that family to fell what I felt after there ancestor Jefery Royster destroyed mine.


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