The Beast Inside

Yaba is not an ordinary girl her family died along time ago trying to save her she was sent to an orphanage but ran away all her life she has been living in the Turner Mansion but one day a boy decides to explore the mansion will Yaba let him enter her heart ore will he end up like the rest... dead. Will he find the secrets with in the house.


8. just close your eyes

Suddenly there was a gush of cold air as figure started to make shape. I stood there is shock not only about the fact I am seeing a ghost but because it was her.

"Umm hi," i am such an idiot who says hi to a 300 year old ghost but then again who all sees a 300 year old ghost

"Listen carefully Zachary,"

"Umm i go by...," 

"Listen," how the hell does she know my name "We need you help don't ask questions but along time ago my family was betrayed by the village and its people," she said her eyes seemed to burn into mine all of a sudden i felt faint everything went blurry. I opened my eyes where am i then i recognize the room i was in the same room but it looked different i looked around and saw beautiful mahogany furniture with blue walls and a dark floor it truly was beautiful. I herd a a bunch of people i left the room to see what was going on about a dozen people waked or ran right past me dressed in dresses and aprons and stockings?

"Where be the witch," i herd one of them yell

"she's in her house a sleep not knowing that we are coming," a fat one laughed

"little did thy know that we all ways sleep with one ear open and ready to attack if needed," she said popping out of no where scaring the crap out of me i think her name was Belana "come'" she said leading me out of the house to a smaller yet still nice house i looked in the window i saw a kitchen with a long table and a stove basically a typical kitchen for that time. hey i recognize this place this house is close to mine well in about 310 years people come from near and far to see this the old village and where the witch and her family lived, died and buried but there bodies aren't there anymore.

"You can come in no one can see us she said holding the door open i looked at her as i walked through the door i walked in a room with a big be with about 4 girls sleeping in it but two where still awake 

"how am i different from the rest of you," asked one of the girls 

"well your stronger then the rest of us," i recognized the soft caring voice as Belana

"ya," the other girl said before yawning Belana just stood there looking at her until she fell asleep "goodnight Yaba nothing will happen to you your mind is playing tricks on you,"       

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