Marilynn isn't the most popular kid ever. She feels that shes alone, but surrounded with people. But one boy changes that all because she got VIP tickets to a concert. A One Direction concert. Not 5, but 1 boy changes her life. But how?


1. Blood, and a whole lot of it

Blood. Blood everywhere. It started with a kiss. My mom, dad, brother, and I were driving home from a little vacation in Chicago. My dad was driving, mom in the passenger seat, my brother behind mom and me behind dad.  My dad leaned over to kiss my mom when a drunk man swiveled and hit our car. Dad freaked and turned so quickly he hit the other car back. Drunk man though it was a "challenge" and hit our car through a fenced off forest and into a ditch. My dad and brother died at the scene. My mom was later pronounced dead in the hospital, and all i had was a broken arm. I got free medical care because I was alone, but I've been alone for 2 years now, and no one cares. I started cutting about 6 months after the crash. I wanted to be with my family. Most would say I should being living with my aunt, who offered to help, but i lied and said a friend was taking me in. When really that friend just gave me a home and moved away. I've been alone ever since. Cutting, crying, screaming for my parents and brother. All I wanted was for some one to care.

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