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This was made as a compaction with a friend. Sadly he was way too lazy to write as fast as I did, so I decided to publish mine now anyway. It is my first story in English and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shitty writing English. Luckily I had a couple of friends willing to play the part as my Editors. For that I thank you. Now, it would be the best if I said what the story is about, but I really want it to be a surprise, so instead I want to tell you more about the inspiration. I built this on inspiration from several games, movies and mangas, such as Another (manga), American Horror Story (serie) and Black box tv on youtube. I want people to think and to feel twisted/scared. And I want feedback, which you can give me here or in a email: jullemus_a@hotmail.com. Oh, and by the way. This story is set to Green in age rating, because I think that the reading of my story is on the readers responsability.
- Sorry for my broken english ...


8. Candle

The stars were twinkling outside her bedroom window, the moon sending silver light to the cold ground, and through the open window they all send a word of greeting in the cool stream of air. Cathrine let her fingers run through her chestnut hair while reading the last page of her homework, over and over. Her need for more knowledge had dwindled a long time ago, and she struggled to finish, but really couldn’t pull herself together.

A light knock on her door made her look up from the battered old textbook.

“Yes?” she asked, not bothering to open the door.

“It’s your mom sweetie, I will go to bed now and your dad is not coming home tonight.” Her mother sounded tired and somehow a tad dejected, but that wasn’t new for Cathrine. Her parents would regularly fight and then make up, no matter how many stupid blonde women her father would bring home. Most of the time it was when her mom wasn’t home, but she had caught him a couple of times. It was nothing to worry about.

“Alright, sleep well then.” Cathrine said as her mother’s steps were fading away.

Sighing she brought her knees up to her chest, and decided to do something, now that she was broth unfocused and annoyed. She stretched out, like a lazy cat, and walked the distance to her brown leather bag, tossed up against the wall in the other side of the room. It was a night of the full moon, and Cathrine looked up at the sphere in the sky. If she looked hard enough, she knew, she could make out the giant craters up there, but taking a short glance, she would only see the competition on who could shine the brightest.

She was about to open the bag with the zipper, but found it already opened and the contents messy, like someone had looked for something. She knew that it wasn’t of her own doing. She was always sure to keep her possessions clean, and lined up, in easy reach, but at that moment, she hardly gave a damn about keeping it in order.

Books were tossed to the ground, no care given to them, and she tossed the pencil case on top of it. In the silence of her room it made a loud noise, and she froze, not wanting to wake her mother. She looked inside the bag, but a sudden realisation came to her.

The book is gone. She had a lump in her throat and slowly turned her head to look out the window. The school building was just a shadow against the dark sky, and made a fast decision. If she’d dropped it, or had bumped into someone or something on her way home, it could explain the mess in her brown leather bag. The feeling that she had to do it was what made her decide on a course of action, and she snuck out of her room quickly, swinging her backpack over her shoulders as she walked up close to the wall. The floor would creak and give her away if she weren’t careful. Her steps were inaudible, and she thought that if she hurried she could be back by midnight. The thought was what kept her going, and only when she was downstairs she felt safe about putting on her shoes. She also put on her coat, and dug out her keys in one of the pockets. It jangled, but she kept going.

In that moment she felt incredibly happy for being the leader of the club, since it gave her legal access to the school at all times.

Somehow when she stood there, alone in the small hallway of her own home, she felt like she was never going back again. Looking herself in the mirror, she saw she was still wearing her school uniform, having felt too tired and lazy to change clothes after school. Her bow-tie was missing, but it didn’t matter. She would be back in her bed before long, and she comforted herself with the fact that she soon would have the book back. And she stepped outside, the rush of wind sweeping her hair back. The street lights were like lone candles leading her way, and she determinedly walked it.

Standing alone in a darkened corridor of the school felt surreal, and she did a fast twirl around to see if there were anyone. It was almost midnight, and Cathrine started to get paranoid. What if she didn’t find it? What if someone had taken it from her? Spotting a light in one of the upstairs windows, she shivered.

What’s going on here? She asked herself, not daring to utter a word, afraid the halls would carry her voice in endless echoes. Still her feet echoed as she walked with fast steps toward the room as a thought suddenly hit her. The school was rich and held many students, and services’ for the students. The students from the yellow house, especially, had a 24-hour nursing stab, ready for any kind of emergency, while the talented kids had access to much expensive equipment. The rich kids could eat delicious meals every day, and the ordinary students received an excellent education, and though there were many differences between the houses, none had a feud going. It was a custom to keep your nose where it belonged, and she was walking into something her nose didn’t belong in. So she stopped.

It was easy to understand why anyone would break into the school, and Cathrine’s father had always told her that the school was letting matters such as vandalism go easily - too easily. Back then, of course, he’d been talking about Mia West and she thought it ironic that she was starting to follow in Mia’s footsteps going against what her father wanted.

If anyone ever asked, though they never did, Catherine also thought that Silverwood Academy was too easy a victim to crime, and the school never did anything about it. They might as well have left their keys hanging on the door of the main entrance, with a little welcome-sign.

Maybe she should call the police, but she remembered emptying her bag on the floor in her room. Her phone used to be in her bag. She sighed, annoyed over her stupidity, but she felt like she couldn’t back down.

The light in the window flickered, suddenly going out, and she stood paralyzed, until it turned on again, the shape of a person shadowing the light. It raised its hand to the window and looked right at her, or so it seemed. Stepping back, she broke into a run and ended up in an empty classroom. Sitting down on a stool, she listened for any sound, but only the calm: ’Tick, tock, tick, tock.’ of a clock somewhere, came to her ears. Her eyes found it in the dimness, and she saw that it was midnight. She had used a lot more time outside than what she had planned, and it made her feel insecure. She never had been very good with following her plans. She calmed down her rapidly beating heart, and convinced herself that it had only been a student, as she walked up the stairs. The school actually seemed quite calm, and peaceful, in a way.

Not scary at all, she thought dreamily.

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