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This was made as a compaction with a friend. Sadly he was way too lazy to write as fast as I did, so I decided to publish mine now anyway. It is my first story in English and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shitty writing English. Luckily I had a couple of friends willing to play the part as my Editors. For that I thank you. Now, it would be the best if I said what the story is about, but I really want it to be a surprise, so instead I want to tell you more about the inspiration. I built this on inspiration from several games, movies and mangas, such as Another (manga), American Horror Story (serie) and Black box tv on youtube. I want people to think and to feel twisted/scared. And I want feedback, which you can give me here or in a email: jullemus_a@hotmail.com. Oh, and by the way. This story is set to Green in age rating, because I think that the reading of my story is on the readers responsability.
- Sorry for my broken english ...


7. Candle

Joe was trying to avoid attention. He avoided it because he knew, just knew, that people would try to push him. They all knew about Cathrine and him, but he didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. Even thinking of him and Cathrine, mentioned in a sentence he wouldn’t say out loud, his cheeks flamed. He groaned and walked on down the hallway. Everyone knew that getting into the club was like a V.I.P. pass for the good life. Both in the present and in the future, but Joe weren’t giving away free tickets. She would hate him if he did, and he wasn’t about to risk that.

Stopping at his locker in the east hall of the main building, he gazed at it. It was only a few rows away from Cathrine’s and he heard that her locker had been broken up. Feeling ashamed he admitted to himself that if the intent was to intimidate him, he was intimidated.

“I want to join you and Cathrine Day. Today.” A girl with short white curls announced as he shut the lid of his locker. It surprised him, both to hear the words coming from Meena Pallene, the girl who now had pure lust for adventure in her eyes, and that she jumped out from behind his opened locker.

She was a good girl by definition, always making her homework, getting good grades and working a part-time job as a piccoline. Her life seemed simple, yet pleasant, and she’d never complained about it before. Not that he knew of, anyways. Her next words chocked him even further, as she leaned down toward him, talking slightly louder.

“I want rapture and voltage! Please let me join!” Her eyes seemed to get bigger in a way that made her stunning, and irresistible. Contemplating for a few seconds he finally came up with the perfect idea.

“Okay, but its Cathrine’s decision and I’m not even sure if she wants me to join.”

“Oh! So she is only using you?” Meena said, looking at him in disdain. Not for him, but for Cathrine. He shook his head violently, not wanting to think badly of the other girl. “No! She doesn’t know what she is doing and she needs time to learn. I’m kind of like a teacher to her.”

Meena scrunched up her nose in confusion, as she slowly understood what he’d said. “That sounds weird. I thought she was the type denying any help, and take care of her own problems.”

Joe started to walk, and Meena followed him up the stairway.

“She’s not that bad.” He tried to defend Cathrine Day, but felt only half hearted. Meena could be intimidating too.

“Where are we going?” asked Meena completely ignoring his attempt. “I have never been on this floor before. All my classes are downstairs.” Joe sighed and stopped to look at Meena Pallene. “We’re going to meet Cathrine near the clubroom.”

“What is else on this floor?” She cut in, seeming to ignore Joe’s sentence again. 

Joe looked around in the hallway. The sun was totally gone and left the only light to be grey. There were at least fifty different colours of grey. The floor was coloured in grey. Outside, the windows were grey and the walls grey too. Also the floor and ceiling was grey. Darkness and light were the only changing visual effects. Looking like an odd flower and standing out in the sea of dark emotions, Cathrine looked like a sunflower in a field of rotten flowers. Her shining smile faded, however, when she noticed Meena standing slightly behind Joe. He noticed this, but somehow felt safer when Meena was there and she took a step forward, now standing beside him. As much as he admired and even liked Cathrine, he was scared of her too. She was polite, less flustered as she took a step forward to meet them.

“Hello Joe, I see you brought a friend?” She gave a stiff smile and stretched out her hand to Meena. The movement was like slow-motion until Meena grabbed the hand offered and smiled softly, acting nothing like the blunt girl Joe had seen in the hallway.

“I really wanted to meet you, so I kind of tagged along. I’m truly sorry if it’s inconvenient.” She shook her hand lightly, and Cathrine shrugged her shoulders.

“It is alright, I suppose I could use a hand or two.”

“How wonderful!” Meena exclaimed, letting go of her hand and jumped at the clubroom door. She had it opened in seconds, and before Joe and Cathrine could’ve guessed it, she bounded forward. And came straight back, having been thrown towards the door. No, that wasn’t right. She was just being pushed away from the door and slammed into the wall, hitting the window with a loud crashing noise. She coughed loudly, right before gravity kicked in and she fell onto the floor. Cathrine Day looked confused almost scared but she picked her mask up and became the calm and collected woman again.

“Are you hurt?” she asked, taking a measured step away from the door. Meena coughed again, struggling to get up.

“Yeah, she is alright. She couldn’t cross the doorstep, because you, as the leader of the club, hadn’t given her stupid arse an invitation to come into the club room.” He said, and then put his hand over his mouth. Not so much because of the secret he’d just given away, but because of Meena Pallene’s red face, eyes glaring at him.

Cathrine looked at him odd. “What? That is silly, of course she can enter.”

Joe snickered as he helped Meena up in a standing position and said: “Then there should not be a problem now. I didn’t expect it to be true, as it has been compared to a fairy tale on many accounts and never actually tested.”

“Truly fascinating!” Cathrine said. “It must be to prevent burglars and other thieves, but kind of power is it?” she questioned, surprising Joe with her train of thought. He noticed that Meena almost jumped over the doorstep this time, and she looked really pale after the incident, so he made sure she took a seat in one of the chairs He sat down and stole a glance at Cathrine.

“Did you find out about the member?” he asked her, finally remembering his reason for being there. She looked hesitant but answered.

“No, but I was thinking that ... I mean ... I’m not Mia, and I’m not a people person, so I thought that the thing I need in people is that they’re going to have to take action and responsibility themselves. We could just reopen the club at assembly?”

Meena nodded, thrilled with the idea while Joe seemed more unsecure.

“It is a plan. And the only one we got, so far.” He agreed still thinking.

“But we are members, so we can help!” Meena said. She had finally gotten a little bit of colour back in her cheeks and seemed happy to take action.

“Tell me about how you got the leadership of the club, will you, please?” Meena continued to grab Cathrine’s hand, pulling her a little closer. “Come on, what is the story?” Cathrine seemed to be thinking. “People expect a great story, huh?”

Meena moaned, clearly thinking that she’d made herself clear. But Cathrine was waiting for a real answer so she just said, “Yes!”

“If that is the case I have nothing to say. There is no story, and I hardly do anything for anyone else, but Mia still chose me. No reason or explanation.” That statement left the room in silence. Meena jumped out of her chair and stalked over to the many pictures, much as Joe had done the day before, but she looked to be in a hurry.

“Wow, I don’t recognize half of these people! Did they really all graduate this school?” Cathrine sighed at Meena’s question, and looked through the names of all the former members again, ignoring the other girl.

“Mia created this, so nobody had to be lonely ever again, huh?” She found the book from the deep velvet that decorated the inside of her bag. Meena’s fingers shot through the air, in an attempt to touch it, but Catherine moved her body back, almost seeing the move come. She avoided getting scratched and looked at the girl strangely. Meena, however, had an expression of a child that’d just been hit by violent parents.

They backed away from her.

“What was that?” Joe asked, breaking the layer of silence that lay thick in the air for a minute, referring to the book. Cathrine shrugged, seeming to get over her chock.

“It’s the only thing Mia left me besides the key.” Joe sat down, “Have you read it yet? Maybe it can tell you something about why Mia chose you.”

“No… I mean, yes. I have only read one random page, but the strange thing is… When I first flipped through the book it was filled with blank pages, but when I skipped class-”

“You skipped class?” Meena broke her off, and Cathrine glared at her, “I did, if you must know.” Her tone was icy, and Meena flinched back in hurt.

“Cathrine, continue.” She looked over at him.

“It was blank. But now there are words. Dark words.”

He held a hand out, “May I see it?” She looked at it for a while, then handed him the book, and he examined it carefully.

“It has a dark aura.” He stated, flipping the book over in his hands. It was six inches long, five and a half inches wide, and an inch thick.

“Bound in a blue silk like fabric. Good shape.” He mumbled. The silver lines on the blue fabric were similar to floral ornaments. “It can’t be an old book.”

Joe opened the book and his eyes widened. He looked up at Cathrine, who looked over his shoulder and their faces came close. His heart started beating faster but he didn’t show this in any way. “I thought you said there was a text?”

He turned the book over so Meena also could see the blank, white paper that stared back at him. He finally smacked it shut and gave it back to Cathrine, who hesitantly took it back. Meena’s jealous eyes never left the book as Cathrine laid it down on the table.

Meena’s hand moved forward, shooting through the air towards the book but it got blocked by Joe’s hand, as he grabbed her wrist. Carefully moving it out of the way, he poked the book closer to Cathrine.

“Open it and turn the pages.” He told Cathrine, who stared at him. Once again she looked like an innocent flower, like the day he first met her. But she broke out of it visibly shook herself and then did as he asked. “Why?”

“Mia’s club had some occult events and things like that. Maybe it is the cause of a protection spell.”

Meena clapped her hands excitedly as she exclaimed; “Yes! It is because you are the leader, so you can read the leaders book!”

Deep breaths couldn’t slow Cathrine’s heart, or still her shaking hands. She sighed. “I can’t do this right now. The things in here weren’t something you read in every book. It can drive someone insane.” Meena let out a sigh too, and Joe looked disappointed but they gave up, not pressing her any further. Cathrine felt connected to her two new friends but still held the fear of being hurt by them.

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