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This was made as a compaction with a friend. Sadly he was way too lazy to write as fast as I did, so I decided to publish mine now anyway. It is my first story in English and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shitty writing English. Luckily I had a couple of friends willing to play the part as my Editors. For that I thank you. Now, it would be the best if I said what the story is about, but I really want it to be a surprise, so instead I want to tell you more about the inspiration. I built this on inspiration from several games, movies and mangas, such as Another (manga), American Horror Story (serie) and Black box tv on youtube. I want people to think and to feel twisted/scared. And I want feedback, which you can give me here or in a email: jullemus_a@hotmail.com. Oh, and by the way. This story is set to Green in age rating, because I think that the reading of my story is on the readers responsability.
- Sorry for my broken english ...


6. Candle

The next day wasn’t particularly bright, and it wasn’t particularly happy either. It was raining and from beyond the horizon there were intimidating sounds of thunder in the sky. Cathrine used her dark purple umbrella as a shelter as she walked down the pavement on her way to school. Though the umbrella shielded her from the worst rain, the frequent wind-blows made the rain drench her from head to toe as she stepped into the main building. She grumbled like a cat, as she shook the umbrella and twisted the water out of her hair. Her already bad mood descended into darkness as she found her locker broken up. It was filled with trash, and on it there a hateful message was written in red marker.

Don’t think you can actually do any good in the clubroom maggot’

The only good thing about the situation was that Cathrine could keep practicing the poker-face she had let slip over the past few days. Tears stung her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall of pure stubbornness. She threw out the trash as she blinked away tears, and proceeded trying to use water on the marker, but to no avail. The faint smell of trash and rotten food were still hanging around the locker and she finally stopped rubbing the locker. Not bothering to take care she didn’t totally destroy the locker, she slammed it closed and turned around walking toward the library.

The library was big, with a high ceiling and a shiny black, marble floor. On the floor tall elegant bookshelves made of dark cherry wood, filled with tons of books stood. On her way to find a table, Cathrine absently slid her fingers over the intricate patterns. As she walked past the librarian’s desk, filled with stacks of books, she gazed around. Not even a fly moved in the big room. She walked to a table hidden in the back by three bookshelves.

“Wasn’t this?” She mumbled as she pulled out the book. The blue cover definitely seemed darker and she pondered the possibility that she had not even looked at it the day before. She carefully laid it on the table; it was like a ticking bomb to her. She decided that she couldn’t truly tell if it’d been darker and that it didn’t really matter. She flipped the pages in boredom, not really expecting anything to come of it, when suddenly something black flashed at her. She stopped and flipped back a couple of pages until she saw words written in purple ink. It was written in a soft font with curly ends, almost like it was written slowly. With care.


She began to read, and she read the words aloud:

“Today, he told me about time and space.
It’s the reason I wake up and feel like I have lived every moment before it happened.
I don’t understand anything though. Why me?
Am I the only one or are the others hiding it?
I feel like a madman! Truly and utterly like a lunatic!
And the others think of me as a blabbering idiot as well.”


She stopped and looked at the illustrations beside the text. It depicted dying humans, and sent shivers down her spine. She skimmed the text again, and then read on.

“Closed spaces:

Space where time has no meaning, neither inside nor outside. I.e. people inside the same pocket of time can be separated between times. If this ever happen you can communicate through scribbled messages on paper, however it is not possible for the people to meet in person. 

Oh God, I fear this.”

The increasingly messy lettering on the paper became completely indecipherable. The words continued now in the form of a spiral and layers upon layers. There were many spots of dried water that suspiciously looked like tears, which made it completely unreadable.

In a mixture of horror and confusion Cathrine closed the book. It made a soft sound as it closed, and she sighed, still feeling horrified. She couldn’t understand what had happened. She’d read one page, in the book, and she had seen more than enough and even though the book had a hundred pages or so, she told herself she wouldn’t read on. A sneaky feeling crept up her spine, and lifted her hand, reaching for the cover once again.

“What is happening over here?” A tall lady whispered in her hoarse, broken voice, and Cathrine’s hand froze mid-air, stopping mere inches from touching the book.

“Excuse me?” She asked confused as to what could make the librarian glare at her through wide round glasses, with bloodshot eyes.

“Don’t you cross with me young lady! This is a library, not some place where you can sit and yell!” The toad librarian hissed the last word, and Cathrine’s cheeks heated up. She hadn’t realised she’d been talking loudly.

“I am so sorry Miss I swear it won’t happen again.” She whispered, even though they were the only people in the library. Crazy old toad, she thought to herself as she quickly put the book in her bag. She walked with fast steps, and nearly fell over at the exit, because her two feet decided to assassinate her. Gulping, as she heard the librarian’s shoes tap on the floor, she went out of the door quickly, the toad lady the only witness to her flustered and embarrassing exit.

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