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This was made as a compaction with a friend. Sadly he was way too lazy to write as fast as I did, so I decided to publish mine now anyway. It is my first story in English and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shitty writing English. Luckily I had a couple of friends willing to play the part as my Editors. For that I thank you. Now, it would be the best if I said what the story is about, but I really want it to be a surprise, so instead I want to tell you more about the inspiration. I built this on inspiration from several games, movies and mangas, such as Another (manga), American Horror Story (serie) and Black box tv on youtube. I want people to think and to feel twisted/scared. And I want feedback, which you can give me here or in a email: jullemus_a@hotmail.com. Oh, and by the way. This story is set to Green in age rating, because I think that the reading of my story is on the readers responsability.
- Sorry for my broken english ...


5. Candle

Most of the afternoon went with looking through the former members, since they had to find all the graduated students first and remove them from the stack. After that they tried to make a connection between the students, but that part involved too much guessing to use in any way. As they sat in silence, Cathrine had a lot of time to think, and the more she thought, the more it seemed like Joe knew more about the club than he was letting on. He was constantly avoiding answering questions and looked away when she tried to catch his gaze. Despite this, she could feel his eyes on her when she weren’t looking. In the end they were down to twenty students, who they thought would want to join the club again, or rather, whom Joe thought would like to join again. He also suggested a couple of other students, but most of them seemed too occupied with other clubs.

“I thought the challenge would be finding the members. It’s not. I just don’t understand the purpose with this club.” Inwardly she hit herself for saying it like that. She didn’t want to sound like a scared little chicken, but her curiosity was stronger than her embarrassment. Joe raised his eyebrows and looked at her in surprise.

“You don’t know anything about this club?” He asked, putting weight on ‘anything’. It sounded to her like it was something important she missed, and focused all of her attention on the conversation. Raising an eyebrow, she leaned back in the chair, trying to keep an air of professionalism around her.

“No, I didn’t get time to think about this and make my own decision. I just had a key put in my hand before Mia disappeared.”

Joe grinned, making it clear that he was familiar with Mia’s normal behaviour.

“I’m not surprised, you want to go visit Mia? She works at the police station now.” This was news for Cathrine, and in her surprise, she forgot the professionalism. She had always imagined people moving away from the town as soon as they had graduated from Silverwood Academy. Sometimes it almost seemed like the graduated students vanished when they had their certificate. The town was small, and people lived peaceful lives here, never in need of anything thing. It was hard to imagine that there would be work out there in this perfect little part of paradise.


Cathrine took the ID tags they’d sorted out, and put them in her bag. The tags of the former members were put away in the shoebox and they left it in the room. Joe walked out of the door as she packed the stuff into her bag, and she found him in the hallway, waiting for her. It was new, he almost seemed like a friend and Cathrine hadn’t had many friends before. While she had packed the tags into her bag, she’d come across the blue notebook, and had haphazardly thrown it into the bag, on top of the tags.

They weren’t going anywhere particular, and Joe let her have the lead, following her around like a puppy. He kept talking about the club, almost like it was his religion, but she ignored him, deep in thought. She thought Mia wanted her to find out what the club was about on her own. Maybe the book was some sort of clue, maybe there was a reason why Mia left it behind. That thought took a hold in her brain, and took up the most of her thoughts. A whirlwind of air grabbed her hair and swept it behind her shoulders, thin tendrils tumbling forward from behind her ears. The fresh, cold air stung in her lungs as she drew a deep breath. She felt as cold on the inside as she did on the outside. Joe had stopped talking when he realized she wasn’t listening, but now he spoke again.

“I can’t go with you today.” Joe said when they reached the outside of the school gate. She looked at him and let his word sink in. “Why not?”

“My bus leaves in a couple of minutes. I’m sorry Cathrine.” He looked sorry too and she didn’t blame him. “It’s okay, I guess. Will you come again tomorrow and help me again?”

She then realized how small and insecure the words sounded, but they had left her mouth without much thought. To her surprise, his cheeks coloured at her words, and he stuttered the affirmation, that he definitely would come and help her on the morrow. But she smiled, and pretended not to notice as they agreed on meeting by the gates after school.

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