Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


10. The "Date" Part 2

The "Date" Second Part

Alicia's POV

"Harry! Harry! Let's go see the monkeys! Hey that rimed!" I yelled to the boy at my right. If it was a date it would be the best date ever.

"Hey Hazz, what's your favorite animal?" Why not try to get to know him better?

"Kittens, I bet your's monkey."

"Too bad you loose monkeys, dolphins and penguins are. I used to play club penguin when I was little."

"You want a ice cream?" Harry asked me "Than after we can look at other animals and ask each other questions. I don't really know you."

We walked to the ice cream stand and waited in line. 

"A vanilla ice cream please." I said with my wallet in hand.

"Add a chocolate one."

"Wait you're gonna pay for me? You already paid my ticket!"

"A gentleman's gotta do what a gentleman's gotta do." He said cheekily.

"Oh and who said you where one? I teased. Just seeing his face going white made me chuckle.

"Don't worry Hazza, you're one." I reassure the boy.

"Mmhmm okay he's gonna pay I don't wanna interrupt but we don't have all day." Oh yeah we forgot the ice cream man.

"Thanks Harold. OH MY GOD LET'S GO SEE THE PENGUINS!" Yeah no. I didn't forgot the fact that he payed for my ice cream. Okay I kinda did.

"Favorite color?" The green eyed boy asked me.

"Red. Your's orange."

"How do you know?"

"Zayn told me." Oh my god I sounded creepy. I did not stalk him.

We continued our game and looked at different animals at the same time. I learned that he have a sister, named Gemma, out of all the boys he's closer with Louis (that's why theirs fans call them Larry Stylinson) and a lot of other things. I wonder what our ship name would be. If he ever see me more than a friend. Don't think so, I'm always friend zoned. 

Now, we're walking back at the tour bus, since it was starting to be dark outside. How I did not miss being there. Out of nowhere, Harry starts laughing.

"Hey, what's so funny?" I ask, clueless.

"You have ice cream on your nose and you didn't know." And he just tells me now?!

"Give me your napkin, I'll take it of for you." We where close, really close. He has pretty eyes. Green, a little bit blue in the middle. He's skin looks soft. I wanna grab he's cheek and kiss him.

"You have pretty eyes." I did not mean to say that. 

"Thanks." He starts leaning in. I lean in and close my eyes, didn't think properly of what's happening. My brain was like a hamster in his cage. Our lips were about to touch... When my phone start ringing. Stupid phone I should've put it in silent! 

"It's Zayn." Why why whyyyyy.

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