Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


1. The accident

Chapter 1: The accident

"Wake up Esteban, it's 6:00 am"
Esteban is my 6 years old son. Santiago, the 3 years old one is sleeping. He don't have school so he will wake up later. They aren't mine, I'm like their foster mom. Three years ago, when Esteban was 3 years old and Santiago was a baby, they where on a family trip. A drunk driver bump into them. Sadly, they parents couldn't make it. My mother was a friend with the family but being Rihanna Fenty, she couldn't be their foster mom. Yes my mom his Rihanna I'am her younger child. Anyways I decide to take care of them, I didn't want them to be adopted by someone else. But the government think that my older sister adopted them. She would never do such a thing.

"Ok, Esteban he's great, but can I at least see how is the baby?" I cry to the nurse in front of me. "Sorry miss but being a baby, the accident could be more fatal on him. You can't see him right now" She replied.
Oh my! I just go sit in the waiting room. I didn't know that I start crying when a hand touch my shoulder. "Are you okay" 

End of flashback
The stranger's name was Patty, she comforted me and made me met her son Justin, who was at the hospital for the shooting of his song "Pray". He made me believe that Santiago will be okay. Now I'am living in Nun's Island, in Montreal, with the two boys and one of my besties Natalia. Justin's another best friend of mine and he's the foster dad to the little boys.

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