Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


4. I Missed You

Chapter 3: I missed you

From: Naty
To: Ally
How is everything going? Did u meet 1D yet?

Geeez u rly are impatient. No I haven't meet 1d, my dad, his wife and kids yet. We're not in the car yet. But u can't know you're with boyfriend 

From: Naty
To: Ally 
Shut up! Boyfriend has a name and its Joey.

From: Ally
To: Naty
Just use protection kids. Now bye I have to drive to the airport.

I close my phone and put it in my back pocket. Don't wanna drive and text this crazy chick that I call my best friend at the same time. "Everyone has their seat-belts in the back?" "Yes momma now can we go?" "Okay okay calm down Esteban." Now to the airport! I'm just so excited to see my dad! It's been too long.

*Skip car ride* (A/N: Now this part can be difficult to understand and their is a lot of dialogue)

"Mommy when will their be here?" "Momma I'm bored! Can they hurry up!"
"Alicia! Oh it's been too long since I've last see you. You've grown up. Are you a young lady now?" "Clodagh I'm 17 stop acting as if I'm 21. But I'm still happy to see you. This is Santiago, three years old, and Esteban, six years old, boys say hi."

Santiago: Mamá, ¿por qué hablas con esta señora (Mommy why are you talking to this lady?)

Me: Santiago! Este es La esposa de Paul, Clodagh! (Santiago! This is Paul's wife, Clodagh!)

Clodagh: Paul isn't here yet he is with is with One Direction. Anyway this are my kids, Claudia, Aiden, Jacob and Conor, the new born.

Claudia: Hi. Are you Alicia, my daddy's other daughter? I am Claudia your little sister.

Me laughing: Hi Claudia, yes that's me Alicia. This are Santiago and Esteban. I am happy to see you. How...
- I got cut of by someone yelling my name. I turn around and see my dad, and One Direction together.


Paul laughing: I'm happy to see you too. You're so grow up now! 

Santiago: Mammi tengo miedo ahora! que son? ( Mommy I'm scared now! You are they're?)

Me talking to Santi: Hay necesidad de ser calabaza miedo de que son mis amigos.

"You speak Spanish?" Harry I think asks me. I don't really remember there names since the last and first time I saw them was at Paul and Clodagh's wedding.

"Yes I've learned it because Santiago and Esteban are Colombians and I want them to talk Spanish."

"Do you speak French too?" This question was from Niall.

"Oui je parle le français" (Yes I speak French) I answer.

"Okay guys I'm happy to see that you guys are getting along but it's time to leave, your fans are starting to come." Paul interrupted us.

"Okay Alicia if I'm right you have a car yes? Well we are going to your house the boys and you in the same car, we, Paul, I and the kids are following in another car." Lucky for me, my car is 6 places without the driver seat. I just have to try and make small talk. I'm bad and awkward at that. 
We are in my car and if I wasn't used to Santiago screaming in the car I would want to jump out of the window . Right now. They can't shut up for two minutes!

"So Alicia, tell us more about yourself. With what we have heard at the airport, you have two kids, and speaks Spanish." Liam I think asked me.

"We live with my best friend Maya, I also speaks French, I love everything that is red and candies. I am now 17 years old and I have an ugly car. And I'm very shy right now."

"Can you tell some words in Spanish,and after in French. And for your information, I'm Niall" he points to the curly one "This is Harry" he points at the one who asked me about, we'll me "This one is Liam" "And this I-" "This is Zayn and I'm Louis!" Louis just cut him. 

"Okay, well Encantado de conocerte chicos, mon nom est Alicia mais vous le savez déjà." What? They asked me to talk in French and Spanish. Plus I could let the occasion go, every time someone asks me this question I don't know what to respond.

"What does that mean?" Zayn asked me. Oh he talks now. "It means 'nice to meet you guys, my name is Alicia but you already knew that." "Where did you learn French?" "I never went to an English school." 

Why weren't them asking me questions anymore? Not that I'm complaining but they suddenly stops talking. They were now all whispering. And this Zayn guy, he seem to be thinking a lot.


"Mommy!" Esteban has just ran into me and I've not make 2 steps away from my car.

"Esteban, why are you acting as if we didn't see each other the entire day!" I was giggling

Group text
From: Naty 
Alicia did you meet them?

Group text
From: May
Yah I'm waiting at home and I'm rlly impatient. I've cook tacos.

Group text
From: Ally
Idek if they like tacos.

Group text
From: Naty
who doesn't?

Group text
To: Naty and May
Anyway I'm in front of the house

"Welcome to Nun Island, Montreal and this, is my house." I tell them.
"Hey it's Natalia's house too. I'm Maya, Alicia's best friend." "Who said you were my best friend?" I ask the red haired girl.
"You have to go check your ears because I just said it!" Yep that's Maya and me. Always annoying each-others.

"Who want to see our bedrooms? And the piece where we play games and where I will be doing my home works?" Esteban likes to show his things and Santiago just likes to follow him and be a Parrot. Poor Liam he want to. He doesn't know what his gotten himself into.

"Wait did you said that you've done tacos?" Realization just hit me. "TACOOOOS!!" Niall and Santiago are now inside. Santi looooves food. 

"I didn't tell you that, I text it." "But Maya you can't cook! I guess it doesn't matter now. Come in guys lets go eat."


A/N: Just to say that I don't know the names of the boys of Paul. Thanks!

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