Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


15. Hanging Out

"No move you're taking all the place." Said Louis to Niall.

"I was there first." The boys had an interview and I was going with them. After I'm going out with Harry!

"We're here. Follow me." Paul told us. Sometimes I forget he's a bodyguard. But it's so much fun to sneak out behind his back.

We followed Paul backstage where Lou do the boys makeup and hair while I play with Lux. Then, they go take their seats on stage. I'm still laughing because there is just one couch for five boys.

"So correct me if I'm wrong but you guys are touring with a certain girl who just shown up from nowhere right? We've seen photos of Niall and Zayn with her but there's one specific picture that is catching our eyes." Then, behind the interviewer is the photo of Harry and I almost kissing.

Harry clarify that we are just friend.

"She didn't show up from nowhere, Paul, our bodyguard is her foster-dad and Alicia is a friend from my childhood. And she's just here backstage." Zayn told her.

"Well why don't she join us, yeah?" She said looking toward the backstage entrance. I didn't want to go there so I try to turn around but someone push me on stage. I walk there and sit on Zayn's laps.

"So Alicia tell us more about yourself. We know you have two sons right?" She ask me not really paying attention.

"Yes. Well they're not MY kids but I'm taking care of them." Was my answer.

"And how old are you." She suddenly feel interested in me.

"I'll be 18 in three months." I shyly answered.

"And we're is your mom." Busted. Zayn could see I was uncomfortable with this question.

"I live with my best friend. She'll be 19 in December." I tried to get out of it.

"Well that's all today everybody give a hand of applause for One Direction!" She closed the interview.

"Alicia are you ready?" Asked me Harry.

"Where are you going?" Said a interested Niall.

"Just hanging out" the blonde boy wriggle is eyebrows at me while in the other hand I stick my tong out.


This time Harry took me to a amusement park. I had so much fun. I hope he got fun too. I had a chat with Natalia and Maya and they were trying to be mad because I didn't told them I was going out with Harry again. Big fail.

Niall and Zayn were actually arguing with them over what will be the name of our first child.

"No they'll name her 'Natalia-Beyoncé Styles'" Natalia still thinks her name is Beyoncé.

"I call Zayn Jordyn Styles."

"No Meredith Maya Destiny Styles is way better. One it has my name in it."

"It's way too long. Niall George Styles is better."

"But what about Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez Styles." Said Maya.

"No way I am naming my child Esteban Julio Ricardo Monteya de LaRosa Ramirez Styles." I interrupted them.

"It's Montoya loser."

"Harry and I aren't even going out. We are just friends."

"With kissing benefits?" Said Zayn "We all saw the kiss."

"WE DIDN'T KISSED CAUSE YOU CALLED." I had enough of them. I exit my hotel room to go in Louis'. Louis is a fun guy.

"Hey Lou!"

"YOU LIKE HARRY." He immediately shouted.


"No you were just talking to loud. I forgot my SnapBack in Zayn and Niall's room." He admitted.

"Please don't tell him we are just friends. And plus it's just a tiny little crush." I pleaded.

"But if it's going great with the two of you I want your kids name to be 'Louis Jeremy Styles'"

"If it's a boy"

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