Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


5. Do I Know You?

Chapter 4: Do I Know You?
Same day

Zayn's POV 

I don't know why, but she seems familiar. Like I've already meet or seen her. He's that weird that I have a feeling that I already know her and she already know me? It's like this girl, her name was Alicia or Alice. Her mom was a great friend with mine and she couldn't take care of her, so she send her, her brother Cristian and her sister Laura live with us. At like seven years old, she move out with someone else to take care of them. She was my best friend. Well that's what my mom tell me.

But this Alicia seems like she have a lot of energy, and that she know a lot of things. I want to ask her about her past or if I know her but she will probably be scared of me. I mean what would you think if someone you don't really know come and ask you questions like this. Would it be creepy? Argh I don't care I just have to ask her.


Alicia's POV 

We where all in the living room because the dining room couldn't fit all of us. But the kids are there. Everybody is laughing and talking, and as I've predicted, Santiago and Esteban are doing a mess with tomato sauce everywhere. Good thing Santiago eats with a bib. I feel has if Zayn don't like me. For the past 5 minutes he's been looking at me as if I was an alien. 

"Do I still don't know how to cook?" Maya asked me. "I have to say that this is good. I'm sorry I guess?" I didn't lie the tacos are delicioso! 

"I didn't do them. I just heat the tomato sauce and de freeze the chopped meat. It was already all done!" 

"How is Natalia?" Paul changed the conversation. He know her because she my friend since grade 6.
"She's with boyfriend." Maya answered him. We don't really like whatever is name is. We just think that is a jerk who's playing her. I mean, she's a cheerleader!

"Who's boyfriend? I know is her boyfriend but does he have a name?" I hope that Maya remember is name because I don't.

"Aunty Naty's boyfriend is Joey! He have a nice car." Esteban approved of him because he have a nice car. Wow I know. 

"I think that everyone has finished eating. I'm gonna wash the dishes." I was washing the dishes for like two minutes than i eared someone walking in the kitchen. I'm really slow at washing the dishes I really hate doing that! 

"Hey do we know each-other?" I turn around and was very surprise to see that it was Zayn. You see he didn't really had talked to me.

"I know you, you're in the world famous boy-band, but you could have meet me at Paul and Clodagh's wedding. Not that I remember though."

"Do you know someone called Donya Malik?" Here we go with more questions!

"Yes." I eyed him suspiciously. "We were friends- Wait, Zayn? Oh my god I though that I would never see you again!" I start tearing up. No no no no no, i can't start crying people can't see my cry. See when we where little, he was my best friend. But I had to move to New York I don't remember why.

"Don't worry, you can cry. It's just me." Zayn knew about me not liking crying in front of people. When they see you at your weakest, they soon start to use this against you.


A/N: Oh oh oh who is that?! I know but you don't. Mwahahaha! Court chapter I know but I just wanted to make a cliffhanger. Mwahahahahaaa!

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