Young Mommy With A Crazy Life

Alicianne "Alicia" Chloe Parker is 17 years old and have two son.They are not really hers, but does that really matter? What will happen when her dad, the man who her brother and her grow-up with visit her with is not so new family? What if that makes her bump into her brother by heart that she left years ago? What if he's Zayn Malik?


14. Another Concert

A/N: I finally foun a picture of Santiago! Give it a look?

"You can stay with the boys of 5sos if you want" Zayn told me. He was about to go on stage and didn't want me to be bored. I didn't want that too but I'm a little shy and yah... Let's go find Lux.

"Luxie, Luxie, where are you Lux?" I whisper shouted.

"Hum, can I know what you're doing?" I lift my head up and there stood 1/4 of 5sos, the one with white hair.

"Hey Michael, I'm looking for Lux." I didn't wanna talk please go to the restroom or something.

"Something's telling me she's with Lou. Come with me." Okay. This wasn't what I wanted but why not. Michael was right, we found Lux with Lou whom was doing Ashton's hair.

"Hey Lux do you wanna stay with Allybear and me." Everyone one call me Allybear here. hate it but what can I do for them to stop calling me that?

"Yes, me wanna play wif you." The toddler told us. I put her on my right hip and follow Michael outside the room to a piece with two couches were stood Calum and Luke. The white haired boy sits down, I sits right next to him and put Lux on my laps. The little girl soon start playing with my necklace and Luke exist the room to go gods know where and Calum was called by Lou. I notice that Michael had makeup on and his hair was already done.

I couldn't help it, I started playing with his hair.

"Hmpf!" Lux had just jumped on his laps. Nothing could stop how hard I was laughing. Clearly, she just jumped on his private area... Calum comes in and looks at us with a weird face and tell him it was time for them to go on stage.

"Hey has anyone saw Alicia? Oh hey." Harry. Even with sweat, he looked handsome.

"Hawwy!" Lux got off the floor and go hug Harry.

"Sooo, what were you doing with Michael?" Harry had the feels to ask me.

"Well, I was playing with his hair and out of nowhere Lux just jumped on his private area. It was hilarious!" I tell him giggling a little.

"Oh. W-" He started to say but my phone cut him off.

"MOMMY!" Esteban and Santiago shouted on my screen.

"Hey boys how are you doing?" I was so happy to see them, but it would be better if they where right here in front of me. We talles for 30 minutes but they had to go at the park.

"Sometimes I forget you're a mom."

"Oh my god Harry! You just scared me!" I didn't know he was still there.

He just do his signature smirk. "You wanna hang out with me tomorrow after the interview?" Yes Harry I so want to I'm freaking out in the inside!

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