My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


10. Trouble in Paradise.


My eyes were locked in Harry's and the only thing I could sense, was his nose touching mine and his breath. He closed his eyes and started to lean in, I took a clue and started doing the same thing.


When both our lips were about to touch: "FOOD'S READY!" Liam shouted making Harry and I jump.


We ran inside as if nothing had happened. "Who's hungry?" Niall asked sitting down beside me. "Me" I said cheerfully. I was stuck between Niall and Harry.

Dinner was awkward so I left dinner early and went to take a warm bath. It's been a long day. Did I almost kiss Harry? I mean does he have feelings for me? No he wouldn't...or would he? No  I'm like his sister I guess. But we're not blood related... I don't know.

When I was done I was changing into my pajamas when Harry opened the bathroom door."Ha-" I was cut off by Harry putting his hand over my mouth and pushing me against the wall.


"Harry what are you doing?!?" I whisper shouted "we never finished what we started..." He leaned closer and closer finally leaning in. I did the same happened he kissed me. 

It lasted about two minutes before I heard a knock on the door. "Kendall are you in there?" It was Louis "uh um yes Louis I'm taking a bath." I lied Harry looked at me and smiled. We heard Louis walk away. 

"Haz we can talk but let me finish getting dressed, please." He kissed my lips lightly and snuck out the bathroom.


I finished and walked out the bathroom yelling "Louis! I'm done!" I walked into my bedroom and Harry was sitting on my bed twiddling his thumbs patiently. I shut my door and walked over to him. 

"Harry do you wanna talk?" "Look Kendall I've liked you for a while but, your my adoptive sister, I don't know what to do?" "Harry I like you too. A lot and were not really brother and sister. We can keep it on the down low and not tell anyone, but I'd want to be with you.

"Kendall I want to be with you too. So, will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded and Harry kissed me again. But how long can we keep it like this?


Harry and I stayed up all night talking and kissing and watching movies in my room. We fell asleep around 11:00 and woke up Tuesday. 


"Kendallllll, wake upppp." I heard Harry's voice and opened my eyes. "What?"  "Love we have to get up and go to school." 


I got up and changed, smiling at my new wardrobe. I fixed my hair and ran downstairs for breakfast. 

Most of School went by fast until break came. I was leaving the courtyard when Brit walked up to me and pulled my hair. 

I turned around grabbing her hand flipping her and hitting her. Once her rats came around I kicked both of them in the stomach and walked away.

"Kendall Moore!" I heard that voice before. It was familiar. I turned around to see the principle. I'm so screwed right now. "Ms.Moore, come with me." We walked down many hallways we finally went to one classroom. Liam's classroom. Uh oh.


"Mr.Payne, may I see you in my office?"  "Uh um yes sir right away."

He walked out and looked dead at me. "Sir, is there something wrong?" "Mr.Payne lets head back to my office to discuss this." He nodded and simply followed behind the man.

"Liam, what is happening is your sister Ms. Moore, happened to hit one girl bloody and kick the other two in the stomach." "Sir I will handle it as soon as we get home and it won't be neglected. Thank you sir." 

"Oh and Mr.Payne." "Yes sir?" "Tell that zayn of yours to lay off the tobacco. It's disturbing the others." "Uh yes sir I will let him know. Have a nice day sir." "You to son."

As soon as Liam left the office I had to stay. "Ms. Moore that behavior will be unacceptable. What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"


I can't tell him about the girls. It will only make things worse. "Uh sir I did it of complete disrespect and irresponsibility  and I'm willing to take the punishment." 

"Well Ms.Moore thank you for being honest and responsible. Your punishment is two days of detention starting tomorrow afternoon and you have to apologize to those girls in my office Friday. Understood?" "Yes sir, thank you sir." "Dismissed. Head to class I will email your teacher."

Damn I got off that easily! I walked to English and everyone just stared at me oh well. 


A good girl goes bad for the right reason. Well at least I did.


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