My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


31. News


It has been two months since the interview in which the boys denied Harry and I kissing. After that small event event, everything has been better around the house. It seems like I am actually part of the One Direction family because everyone in the fandom is fine with me being around the guys, no more hate nor drama.



"Come on Niall!" I said banging the door. "I need to pee!"

"Calm down Kendall!" Niall shouted. "I think the tacos were a bit to explosive."

"Eww!" I shouted. "I didn't want to know that!" 

"You're the one who needs the bathroom!" Niall shouted back.

"I'm just going to use Zayn's!" I shouted running away from the door. 


I ran to the first floor and when I was running down the stairs I managed to fall and roll down the last couple of stairs. I laughed about it and when I opened my eyes, Harry was there kneeling down next to me.


"Are you okay?" He asked helping me up.

"I am." I replied with a smile. "Is the bathroom from downstairs free?"

"Yes." Harry replied confused. "Why?"

"I GOTTA PEE!" I shouted and ran to the bathroom before anyone could use it. 


I heard Harry laugh and then Niall shouting something about a surprise. I did my business and came out of the bathroom with a smiling face.


"Why so much teeth?" Liam asked as he came out of the study.

"I just peed." I smiled. "And now I am hungry."

"I didn't want to know that." Liam said

"You asked." I replied as we walked to the kitchen.

"One more week and we are out of school for three months!" Louis shouted as he ran to the kitchen.

"Is everyone here?" Paul asked as I grabbed an apple from the table.

"We are now!" Zayn said as he entered the kitchen grabbing my apple.

"Hey!" I shouted. "Give it back Malik!"

"Zayn." Paul said and Zayn threw me back my apple.

"Why do we need to be here?" I asked.

"I have an announcement to make." Paul said.

"Kinda obvious." Harry and I laughed at the same time gaining a glare from Paul.

"You know that in one week you are out of school." Paul said and we all cheered. "That means that in three weeks, you will be touring around the world." 

"What?" We all asked.

"But a world tour takes like six months." Liam said.

"Are we going to lose classes?" I asked.

"No." Paul smiled.

"Then?" Harry asked.

"We're going to be home-schooled." I said. 

"Exactly." Paul said.

"We have to celebrate!" Louis shouted. "We need food, drinks and people!"

"I'm in for the drinks!" I shouted. 

"Drinks!" Harry shouted.

"Food!" Niall shouted.

"I'm with Nialler!" Zayn said.

"Then, Liam and I we are inviting people." Louis said.

"Let's make this night unforgettable." I smirked winked at Harry.

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