My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


16. Lies



Finally the weekend kicked and I was so thrilled! I could spend the day skating with Harry, going out to the movies with the boys, try to bake with Niall, get hair tips from Zayn, and you know, it was supposed to be relaxing.


Friday after school, the boys and I sat in front of the TV with bowls of popcorn, and soda.


"What movie are we watching again?" I asked as I sat between Louis and Harry.

"The Last Exorcism part two." Liam answered as my eye grew bigger.

"I HATE THOSE MOVIES!" I shouted burying my face into Harry's chest. I heard the guys laugh.

"Love, keeping distance." Harry whispered to my ear. I look up at him and rolled my eyes. Stupid Niall who can't mind his own business. 

"I'm getting a blanket, anyone needs something from upstairs?" I asked.

"Sit back down Kendall." Paul said as he appeared at the entrance. "movie night is cancelled. I need each one of you to go to be right now."

"Paul!" Louis exclaimed. "It's Friday night!" 

"I'm aware of that Louis." Paul said. "I got a call from Simon, saying that he needs you all tomorrow at the studio early."

"How early?" Harry asked.

"8:00am." Paul answered and we all started screaming and making a mess. "SHUT UP!" Paul shouted making us quite. "Bed now. This weekend is full of recordings, so better get some sleep."

"I wanted to go to laser tag..." Niall said as he stood up and went to his room.

"This is so not fair." Zayn said following Niall.

"Why?" Louis asked and Paul simply pointed the stairs.

"We'll be ready." Liam told Paul as he comforted Louis.

"You two." Paul said pointing at Harry and me. "Separate bedrooms."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Liam is going to wake you up, and I don't think you want him to find you guys together." Paul said.

"Of course not." I answered. "Thank you Paul." I added giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking up to my bed.





"Wake up Kendall." Liam said opening the curtains to my room, I winced and covered myself with the covers.

"Get out." I said. "I don't sing, therefore I don't need to be up early." 

"Kendall wake up." Liam said. "We are not leaving you alone in the house." 

"I hate you." I said as I got up from bed. 

"You have 30 minutes to be ready." Liam added before leaving my room.


I walked over to my bathroom and got ready. A simple jean, and a hoddie would make the trick. I tied my hair up in a ponytail and applied a bit of make-up, when I was ready I grabbed my phone and went down to the kitchen.


"Morning." I said entering the kitchen and sitting next to Zayn. 

"Morning." Everyone answered. 

"Want some breakfast?" Paul asked. "And coffee?"

"Sure." I answered rubbing my eyes. "Why do I need to go? I don't sing." 

"Because there is no one to stay here with you." Paul answered.

"I don't need a baby sitter." I stated.

"We rather not take our chances." Louis said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes out to him as Paul served me my breakfast.


Once everyone had breakfast, we all pilled in the limo and they drove us to the studio. They guys were complaining all the way to the studio, it is a 20 minute ride, and it isn't fun when 5 teenagers are complaining over why do they have to work. I was sitting in a corner next to Louis and my eyes kept closing, I had spent almost all night texting with Koby, and we had agreed that I would meet him at the park around 11, so we could skate, grab some lunch and skate some more. 


We finally arrived at the studio and Simon was there already arms crossed, with a serious face. Does this man ever smiles?


"Good morning everyone." Simon said. "I need Louis, Niall and Liam on the booth right now." 

"Morning Simon." We all said in unison.

"Kendall." Simon said facing me.

"What?" I asked.

"Why do you have a skateboard in hand?" Simon asked.

"I'm going skating with a friend at 11." I answered. "Right now, I'm going to take a nap, so if you excuse me." 

"Have fun." Simon said with a small smile, a legit smile and I followed the guys inside.




"Where did you learn how to skate?" Koby asked me as we walked over to have some lunch.

"Well, as I grew up in an orphanage I had to find something to do with my life." I explained. "And when they first adopted me, when the family tried to beat me up, I would escape to skate. So I basically grew up with skating."

"They beat you up?" Koby asked.

"Yeah, later they returned me back to the orphanage and then One Direction adopted me."

"Kendall." Koby said staring at my eyes.

"Yeah?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

Koby started leaning in, his eyes close and his lips, gross... I moved my head backwards before bitch-slapping him.

"That's the reason why you keep hanging out with me? Because you want to have me?" I asked raising my voice.

"It's not like that Kendall!" Koby exclaimed. "I like you a lot!"

"Well I don't!" I shouted. "Keep your friend under control by the way." I said as I skated away.


Can't believe that jerk tried to kiss me.




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