My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


26. It's officially over


*Kendall's P.O.V.*


"I hate waking up early to go to school." I said as I ate my cereal. "It's stupid."

"But you go to school so that you are not stupid." Liam said.

"School could start after 9." I replied. 

"It wouldn't be the same." Liam retorted.

"People would actually go and not complain and sleep on their classes." I attacked.

"You two stop fighting." Paul said entering the kitchen. "Where is Harry?" He added looking at me.

"Who knows?" I replied.

"GUUUUYS!" Louis said rushing to the Tv that was on the kitchen. "You have to see this."


Harry Styles was spotted yesterday with ex-girlfriend, Clara, having a very romantic dinner. Harry then took her back home, and share a passionate kiss with her. Maybe the ex-girlfriend won his heart back-


"I'm going to be sick." I said and ran to the nearest bathroom.



*Harry's P.O.V.*


I was walking down the stairs when I heard Kendall running to the bathroom and hurling her guts out. 


"I thought the date was horrific." Louis said appearing at the hallway. 

"It was." I replied.

"Because you couldn't stay the night with her." Louis winked. "Mate you are all over the news with the kiss you gave Clara."

"What?" I asked running to the kitchen.


I entered the kitchen and E!News was on, it kept rambling about my 'amazing' date with Clara, and how old love always re-appear. I was breathing heavily, Kendall saw this, I fucked up big time. Louis, Liam and Zayn were talking about other stuff and I turned to face Niall, with his stupid winning smirk.


"Where's the girl?" Paul asked.

"Here." Kendall replied with a sore voice. 

"What happened to you?" Paul asked confused.

"Shit happens." Kendall replied. "Are we going to go to school?"

"Are you sure you want to go?" Louis asked. "Not trying to be mean or anything, but you sound like shit."

"You should stay for today." Niall pimped in.

"No." Kendall said. "I'm fine."

"If you feel sick, call me and I'll pick you up." Paul said. "Everyone to the car."


Everyone moved to the car, I sat next to the window and Louis at my right. Harry sat next to Louis, and if he ever tries to come closer to me, I will rip the curls out of his head. 

The car ride was quiet and some sort of normal, you could feel the tension, but no-one questioned it. 


Once at the school, everyone went to the places where they had to be, and to my misfortune, my and Harry's History teacher thought it would be cool to watch a film, both of the classes together, that meant that for the next to periods I had to be with Harry.




"You guys are going to have a five minute break." Mr. Garson said. 


I rolled my eyes and stood up from my seat and walked out of the classroom. I felt someone following me, but put the feeling aside due to the fact that everyone was coming out of the class.


"Kendall." I heard Harry say as he grabbed my arm.

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed.

"I want to explain what happened at the date." Harry whispered.

"I already know what happened Harry." I spat. "You had a wonderful time with your ex and you kissed her. End of story."


"I get it Harry." I said. "She's way prettier than me, she's a fucking model. She can be someone people would accept for you to date. It's okay, if I had to choose as well, I wouldn't choose myself either."

"What?" Harry asked confused. "Kendall what are you talking about?"

I let out a huge sigh. "What I am trying to say Harry is that we are over, for good; no more faking for Niall." I said. "You and I don't exist anymore." 

"No!" Harry shouted. "Kendall no." He added with teary eyes.

"We are officially over Harry." I said one more before turning away and walking to the bathroom.

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