My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


12. Bad Girl


I woke up to my door being almost destroyed. I tried to leave my bed, but I had Harry's strong arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled, kissed his arms and got loose to open the door.


"What?"  I asked rubbing my eyes.

"WHAT?!" Liam shouted. "You are late for school! And I can't find Harry! Get ready fast we leave in 10." Liam added and closed the door on my face. Well, someone's on a bad mood...

I turned to walk back to be when I bumped into Harry.

"Good Morning love." Harry said kissing my head.

"Morning." I replied.

"Any news?"

"Liam is pissed as fuck because we are late for school, and he can't find you." 

"Well, go get ready. I'll see you at school." Harry said and left my room.


8 minutes later, I was down waiting for Liam to finish getting ready so that we could go to school. Lord this boy gets on my nerves.


"Did you have breakfast?" Paul asked me as he packed the car with some instruments.

"No. But I'm not hungry." I answered walking to car. "Is Liam ready?"

"He's almost done." Paul said. "I hope."

"Let's go." Liam said climbing to the car. We all entered the car and left to school. 




School was boring as always, though, it went really fast until break time. I walked over to get my food when I overheard Brit talking about how unfair it was the punishment I had gotten.


"She simply came and attacked me." Brit said with a fake sobbing. "She's just a bitch. Just because One Direction adopted her doesn't mean she can go around beating people up."


I rolled my eyes at her comment. Next time she tries to lay a finger on me I swear I will teach her something of her own good. I turned around and walked over to the courtyard. I sat at my usual spot and started eating. Soon enough Louis and Harry where sitting next to me.


"Carro-oot!" Louis sang. 

"Hey Love." Harry said.

"Hey guys." I answered. "Any plans for today?"

"Yes." They both answered.

"Simon wants us at the studio today." Louis said.

"Paul will come and pick us up after school." Harry added.

"I have detention today." I said. 

"That's right." Louis said. "I guess that Paul will come for you later."

"No need." I said. "Tell him to bring my skateboard and give me the direction of the studio and I'll get there."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked concerned. 

"Yes Harry." I said with a smile. "Plus I want to skate."

"With a broken wrist?" Louis asked.

"Hell yeah." I answered and laugh. "Pretty please?" I added with a puppy face.

"Ugh!" Louis exclaimed. "Fine. But don't you ever dare to pull that face again."

"Thanks." I said giving Louis a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks." I added kissing Harry's head. "Gotta go boys, see you later!"




"Welcome to detention, you little snobby rats." Mrs. Elton said. "You are here because you are a danger to society and personally I think you should be on jail and not here." 


Let me describe you Mrs. Elton. She's an elderly woman, she looks like a rotten raisin, plus she's the freakish freaking most fucked up teacher in the whole school. In other words she's the wicked witch of the west...


"I'll come back when it is time for you to leave." Mrs. Elton said and left the room, locking us inside.


I rolled my eyes and slouched in my desk. I looked around, there were only 5 people in this room, out of the 5, 3 were in a very deep conversation and then the other guy was just staring at the window. He had the typical bad guy look, but he had something that made me want to know more about him. 


"I'm Kendall." I said sitting next to him. 

"Koby." The guy said. "Aren't you the girl who beat the crap out of Brit and her little fuckers?"

"I am the one." I said. "How'd you know?"

"Everyone is talking about that." Koby said. "I mean, someone finally gave her from her own medicine."

I laughed at his comment. "I guess."

"You're also One Direction's little sister." 

"Yep." I said. 

"I think that I actually like you. I thought you were going to be all snobby, but when I heard that you had beaten up Brit, you made me think differently about you."

"I guess that is a good thing."


*Harry's P.O.V.*


"You're done Harry." Paul said. "Bring Liam over." 


I walked over to the room where the rest of the lads were waiting. I throw myself next to Louis and I nudge Liam, who gets up and leaves the room. I turn the Tv on on E!News and there is some sort of new news...


"We just spotted Kendall, the little sister of One Direction, coming out of detention with a young bad boy... Is Kendall becoming a Bad Girl?"


You have to be kidding me.




-Gab ;P- 

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