My Brothers

My name is Kendall. I'm the typical orphan girl… Yeah, yeah, pity me not. One Direction decided to adopt me like their sister. But let's just say I can't see one as a brother, he's more like, my soul-mate.

Will destiny let us be together, or will it drag him away from me, just like it has done with everyone I have ever loved?


14. Another long day...



The next morning I woke up and got ready to go to school. It was weird not seeing Harry next to me. I got ready and went over to Harry's room and saw him sleeping on the floor, those curls around his head all messy. I walked over to him and sat on his back. 


"Harry." I whispered to his ear. "Harry, wake up love we have to get ready to school." 

"10 more minutes." Harry answered in his sexy morning voice. 

"Come one love." I said kissing the back of his neck.  


Suddenly I was pinned to the floor and Harry was on top of me, only wearing his boxers. He had a serious face on and I knew I was in deep trouble. 


"Harry don't you dare please." I begged. "Please please please."

"Don't you dare to tease me." Harry half whispered, half shouted. 

"Harry." I said in a scared whisper. 


And then he did it. He tickled me. He almost made me piss my pants if it wasn't for the loving Louis entering the room trying to find out what was the mess all about. 


"What the hell-" Louis said as he barge into the room stopping in mid-sentence. "LOUIS HERE TO SAVE CARROT!" He later shouted launching himself to get Harry off me. I got up and ran out of the room still screaming and laughing. 


I was welcomed with a 'what the hell' look from Niall and Zayn as I tried to calm down on the kitchen. I breath in and out a couple of times before answering their unasked question.


"I went over to wake up Harry and-" I stopped trying really hard not to start laughing again. "And I found him sleeping on the floor, so I umm sat on his back and woke him up. Then he pinned me down and started tickling me until Louis came in to save me." 

"Harry is one weird teen." Niall commented.

"Tell me about it." I answered as I ate an apple.





School was boring as hell, but like beyond boring, teacher just kept telling us how we should know things for life and you get me. 

When  the bell for break rang, I sprint out of my room and ran to the courtyard but into someone. Brit. 

"Shit I'm so-" I started as I saw who I bumped into.

"You were saying?" Brit asked looking down at me.

"Nothing." I answered getting up.

"Apologize bitch." Brit said blocking my way.

"What if I don't want to?" I asked.

"You'll be sorry for it?" 

"I'm not afraid of you or your little bitches." I answered. "Not anymore."


Brit was pissed as fuck, and that is why she decided to punch me straight in the face when a teacher was passing through. But thanks to Harry and his classes (and my cast) I put my cast in front of my face and Brit hit the cast instead of me.


"Brittany!" The teacher shouted. "Follow me now!" She answered grabbing her my her arm. I laughed and wink over at Brit before walking over to meet with Harry.


"Someone's happy." Harry said as I sat next to him. "What happened?"

"Brit just tried to punch me, but a teacher saw her." I answered kissing his cheek.

"But you still have detention for beating her." Harry stated.

"I know." I answered. "But the principle will now know why I did that."

"Intelligent small girl." Harry said. "Guess you don't have to apologize on Friday."

"I'm guessing."






Detention. It was the same as yesterday. Nothing happened, and I think nothing would have happened differently. Same people, same room, same wicked witch of the west...


"How many more days do I get to see you here?" Koby asked as he sat in the desk next to me.

"Last day." I answered doodling on  my notebook.

"Aww that sucks." Koby said touching my hand. "I like spending time with you."

"That doesn't mean we can't hang out." I said smiling.

"You really wanna ruin your reputation with me?" Koby asked.

"Mate, I have no reputation and even if I had, I couldn't care less about it." 


For the rest of the detention Koby and I laughed about the most ridiculous things that we could have ever thought of. 

When it was time to leave, Koby walked next to me as I approached Harry. We were still laughing and he said goodbye a few steps away from Harry.


"Was nice spending time with you love." Koby said.

"Same." I answered.

"See you around." Koby said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"See ya." I said and walked to a very mad looking Harry.

"Hey Harry." I said wrapping my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist but didn't actually hug back. "Is there any problem?" I asked facing him.

"Yes." Harry said starring at my eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"Him." Harry said pointing at Koby, as he drove out in his motorcycle.

"He's just a friend I made on detention Harry." I said. "Nothing to worry about." I added giving him a kiss on the lips, and that surely made him change his mind, because he pulled me closer. 

"Let's go before paps find us here." I whispered onto his lips. 


We got home, said hi to the guys and then rested on his room. 


"I don't like him Ken." Harry said. "He was flirting with you."

"Harry!" I whined. "I don't like him. I like you."

"Still." Harry said. "I don't want you to hang with him."

"Excuse me?" I asked getting up. "You have no right to tell me with whom or not hang out with!"


"Fuckk off." I said before leaving his room.



-Gab ;P 

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