Skinny Love {Harry's POV}

Harry's Point of View and prequel to Skinny Love


2. Somewhere

I feel bad not calling Emily, she's probably freaking out about losing her me. 
I can still feel her in my arms, hugging her and kissing her. I can still see her smile, why can't I just love her like I'm supposed to? Is this love? Is this real love? I don't know. But I need to speak with her right now. My phone buzzes, I answer it. "Harry, what's up man?" The head producer of a modest! Management yells through the phone. "How about that Taylor? Huh? She's in town why don't you go talk to her. She likes you" he sings. "What makes you think I want to date her?" "That's the entire idea, she'll make you fall in love. I can see the headlines now! Be there, Club nine tonight I want you there. I can count on you" he hung up, I groaned and clenched my phone on my hand wanting to break it. I get in my car and drive as fast as I can over to Emily's. I don't even bother to know I just walk in, she races down the stairs. "What?" She panics. "I'm being forced to be seen with a girl" my heart pounded. "Well, I can't help you there" she shrugs. "Well, listen. I love you but I don't know if I love you, love you." "Glad you said that first." She sighs almost frustrated. "You mad?" I ask. "No, I can't be mad  at you, never." Emily sits on the steps in her pink silk robe and laces her fingers. She's quite, looks down a bit. "Just disappointed." tears well up in her eyes, poor Em. "Em–" I try to say her name. "If you fuck her don't tell me it was better than us. Like ever. You know it. " she puts her "I'm fucking pissed right now." Face on. She's handling this better than I imagined. "I promise," Emily grabs my shirt collar brining me to her "Keep it." she smooths the wrinkles out and pays it neatly. "Don't forget to remember me." Is she really trying to make me man cry? "Again, I promise. I'll call you tonight." I walk out of the door, "WAIT!" She yells, bursting out of the door and into the cold. She hold her hand out "you forgot this" I run up and hold my hand out as he hands me the vintage necklace that matches hers. "I feel naked without this." "You'd know that Mr. At Home I'm A Nudist" she jokes. I nudge her chin with my pointing finger and cuff her chin. "Bye Em." I smile, she smiles and waves as I drive away. 

Meeting Taylor was hard because I had to literally force myself not to think about Emily. I can very well still smell her on my skin, her sweet smell of perfume she uses everyday. "That necklace is interesting" Taylor says. "Thanks, my best friend got it for me" I say letting her know I'm not letting Emily go. "Oh, who's the guy?" She asks. "Girl, her names Emily."  
"Really? A girl best friend?" She asks as if I were lying. "Yes, want proof?" I say from across the dinner table. "No, not really." She looks like a snob to me but I can't be the one to judge at a time like this. I look at her, she smiles. "Ready?" I nod and we walk out, she takes my hand, I slightly hold it not to be rude, she's smiling and looking at me making it seem like we're in love. The paparazzi are outside taking some prized picture if us both. I hope the management is happy, because all I can think about is Emily. "My hotel?" She asks, I shake my head no, "Come on, please" 
She begs swinging our arms as we walk. "I'm fine thank you" I say, she begged. "Only for a while." "Great" she pulls me to her hotel, I don't want to, but it seems like I was stuck. 

Before I know it,I'm waking up in her hotel room in her bed. Really? God I promised to call Emily and I'm going to get bashed for it. I went to check my phone, there's a few texts from her. They say just basic stuff like "You forgot to call me lol call when you get this" 
So I did. She picks up "What's up lover boy your on my news paper with Tay Tay" she's laughing. "Sorry, but are you home?" Emily sighs, I can hear her breathing through the phone. "I'm actually at your house getting my bag." "No, keep your bag there, your staying over today." I start running to my flat. "Okay, okay." She ends the call and I begin to sprint to my house. I skid as I make it to the door, barging in knowing its unlocked and find her in my room sitting on the blue vintage chair. 
"Hi" I say walking in. "Hi.." "I know this hurts you." I say. Emily stands abruptly with anger in her eyes. "Really? Oh! No, not me, hurting?" She pauses, after being eagerly sarcastic. "If hurting makes you want to kill yourself then let it be me." I grab her arms and hold her "No, Emily. Stay. Please. Just stay I'll explain!" I'm holding her as she sighs squeamishly looks at me. It must be hard to be in her situation. I wish she could understand, but sadly I don't want her knowing I slept with Taylor. I had to tell her, I was positive that I loved her. "I love you." I say gulping down those three words. "I love you. But–" Emily turns "But what?" "Are you just saying that?" "I don't know, I don't... Know." I sit on my bed slowly falling onto the pillows. God, well I fucking screwed this up now. Emily is crying slightly scared if I would ever truly love her. "I'm leaving." She say shuffling her back and acting quick wanting to leave. "No, don't... please" I say tired and slowly exhausted. "Emily!" I yell, the door slams and she's gone. I close my eyes and drift away into my sleep thinking of her, it's funny she appears in my dreams. The image of us together, the night we had sex. God, what the hell was my dream saying. I'm hating not having her here with me right now. 

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