Skinny Love {Harry's POV}

Harry's Point of View and prequel to Skinny Love


1. First Sight

I was in this café around noon in London with Niall and Liam, we were taking a lunch break from being in the studio all day recording. We love it, but it wears us out. Zayn and Louis are at Starbucks because they'd rather be there I guess. I turn in my seat and glance over my shoulder being nosey, there sat a girl with fair skin and a beautiful complexion. Her eyes brown, her hair curly and brown like mine as well. She was crumbling up pieces of white paper with words I them, her cursive was perfect. They looked like songs. She was frustrated? Running fingers through her hair and mumbling slowly. "Hello" I say being nice, she peeks up from her trance and looks at me. Her smile was growing, I dismissed myself from the guys and sat in her booth. "I'm Harry" I say holding my hand out, her cool hand took mine and we shook. "Emily, nice to meet you." She smiles. "Emily, I'll remember that." I smile. Emily put the papers into her bag, I noticed that she had an American accent so I needed to ask. "You from the US?" I ask her politely, "Yeah, Indiana" she smiles "Why come to London?" "I need to liberate from my family. I love London." God, she was beautiful. Not like the models or famous people who all look the same, she stands up. She had curves but they were perfect. She was only about five two which made my six foot three self chuckle a bit. Liam took my shoulders and shook me until my hair was out if place. "Come on lad, we have to get back." I stand up, shaking her hand. I hope to see her again, so I give her my number in a napkin and leave. She looks as I walk away pulling my coat over my white shirt. I was happy I finally found someone who treated me like a regular person instead of a singer. 
Liam, Niall and I got back to the studio. We finished up our songs and are not editing them for final installments. By editing, meaning we go through and see the flaws and get back in the booth and do it again. I pace with my nail in my mouth chewing it hoping Emily would call, I pace for about twenty minutes and then give up. It's now late at night and she hasn't called.  
I wait an hour and finally, at 10:12 pm I get a phone call. I snatch my phone up quickly, I answer "Hello?" I say as my heart pounds. "Hi, this is Emily." She speaks so sweet with her American accent. "Hi... Emily, what's up?" I ask going into the other room as the guys tumble over me trying to hear her. "Unpacking" she says with a little laugh. "Fun," I said song it out. "Yeah, haha" "So, Emily. Do you want you maybe, possibly go out for maybe a coffee tomorrow morning?" I ask. "Of course" she agrees. "Harry! Get back in here!" Louis yells, I sigh "Well, I'll call you later. Will you answer?" I ask eagerly. "Of course, if I'm not asleep." She laughs. "Hah, goodbye Emily." I smile speaking to her. "Bye Harry" she departs from the phone and ends the call. I grin while walking back into the room. "Harry's got a girlfriend! Harry has a girlfriend!" Louis yells chanting it. "No. She's a friend who just so happens to be going for a coffee with me tomorrow." I fold my arms. " mistake!" He pardons, joking with his hands up in surrender- like fashion. 
We all return to our own flats, I go home to put Emily's contact in my iPhone so I do and then rest in my large bed watching football. My phone buzzes again, it's Emily. I though I was the one to call. Guess not, I pick it up. "Hello?" I ask. "Hi Harry, sorry so late but I can't sleep." 
She sighs exhausted. "I'll talk to you until you fall asleep." I offer. "Please?" She laughs. I tell her about Madison Square Garden and how I've traveled the world and Ghana, and Japan. She loves it. Before I know it she's asleep, she isn't talking on the phone or laughing at my joke. "Good night Emily, sweet dreams" I say and end the call. I go to sleep myself. 

That morning my alarm clock rings through my ears, I stumbled out of bed and do the daily routine. Shower, brush teeth, comb hair, clothes, shoes, beanie, watch, cologne. I pull my jacket off of the blue pastel chair in the corner and walk out. I text Emily the directions to the Starbucks as I walk to it. I wait for her in a chair, walks in on time nine o'clock sharp. I stand as she finds me, I give her a friendly hug and great her. Emily's hair flowed behind her in the sense of it being identically wavy and curly as mine, down her back though. "Would you like some coffee?" I ask. "Sure," she smiles. "Any suggestions." "You know this place more than I do." She's smiles even more big. I go up and get our coffee. She looks so beautiful just sitting there all pretty.
"Thank you" she says with a voice so sweet. "Your welcome." 
Emily looks pretty young, I can't help but ask her for her age. "How old are you?" I ask, "seventeen" she answers. "I'm guessing you know my age?" "If the magazines are correct than yes." She crossed her legs and laced her hands into a crown. We spent the day together talking and getting to know each other more. 
It's been about a month since Emily and I have known each other. We're hanging out today, it's been this way every day except for emergencies. I've offered for her to stay over but she refuses, I mean, were together everyday why not night. I go and get her our Starbucks before making it over to her flat. I was knackered but I didn't care, I have to make sure my best friend is well. I knock on her door, I can hear her running down the stairs as they thud, she swings the door open, realizes its me and smiles. "You shouldn't have" I hug her, he gently hugs back comforting me. Every time I hug her I almost kiss her. I don't. But I hand Emily her coffee and she takes a drink pulling back a little from its warmth. Every move she did was perfect. "Come on," I walk, she follows pulling her jacket over her shoulder. "Where are we going?" She asks "Somewhere" I say. We go to the train station, the one that's above ground. Emily walks quickly across the train and goes to the other side, I look through the doors and see her, she waves as the doors close, I step back as the train leaves, as its gone. She smiles and we wait for the other train to come, we both enter the train and sit next to each other. Emily takes my sunglasses and puts them on her, she gives me a look and I pull them off to look in her brown eyes. She laughs and looks away rustling my hair as I put the sunglasses back in my face. 
I put my arm around her, she rests her head on me. "Where to now?" I ask her. "Anywhere with you." Emily replies. "Party at Ed's tonight. Want to go?" I ask her, she nods and looks up at me. "Just don't get too drunk." She nudges me. "Where something cute." I say back. "Please, why don't you dress me." Emily chuckles, "Okay. I will." I was being serious, if I have to, I will physically dress her. I mean if you're going to dress to impress why not have a guy do it. 

We're back at Emily's house, I scavenge her closet for the tightest dress she has. I find a black one and throw it at her. She looked at it. "This gangly thing?" Her face scrunched up. "You said to dress you. Put it on." I say shrugging. She slumps to the bathroom and puts it. A few minutes later she walks back in. What. A. Babe. God, she's sex. 
"Damn" I say under my breathe. "What you say?" She asks pulling it down. "Nothing, you look n-nice" I stutter. "We'll if looking like a slut turns you on that shows quite a bit about you." She sits next to me, "is there anything about you other than sex appeal, I mean. Harry, your hot. No, your a total sex god but do you see me sweating?" She asks. "Maybe a little" I said putting my hand on her neck. She pulls my hand off and sighs. "Can we just go?" I stand as her command to leave. 
We arrive at the party, the smell of alcohol and the sound of music filled the atmosphere. "You can drink right?" I ask her. "Why? Are you competing with me?" "I take that as a yes." I go and get drink, she follows. "Don't worry, I can get my own." She nudges my side again playfully. Her first shot was her hardest, she looks like be was downing nails. One, two, the and four and now were kind of shit faced. 
I couldn't even speak correctly to eat, it's funny how it works. Emily was cool she was just a little laugher. 
Before I knew it I was serious enough to know what I was doing, it just came naturally. I take Emily's face and press my lips against hers. She kisses back, no matter if she was drunk or not she knew, she pushes me away getting the taste of reality. I pull her back in and kiss again. Since Ed's house was literally a block away from her house, we walked back home. She took her shoes off and walked with me. We were clearly hammered, I help her walk, she helps me. We get to her house, I race her up to hear room and kiss her more than I did at the party. At this point I could be seeing weird shit but instead all I see is Emily. Yes, Emily and I had sex that night. 

I wake next to Emily, holding her in my arms. It's an awkward time hold but it's better than not being with her. I tap her shoulder to wake her, her eyes flutter open and slightly smile. "Morning." I say. "Good morning." She says. "Is this awkward?" Emily asks. "Maybe a little, but no not much." Okay, I lied it wasn't that felt pretty nice. Well so much for a month. "Well, were best friends so...yeah it's awkward for me." She says getting up taking her dress with her to her bathroom. I lay in her bed staring at my tattoos, thinking of last night as my head pounded. She came back with a robe on, she looks pretty uncomfortable. "What's wrong?" I ask. "You know I was a virgin right?" She asks, it sends shivers down my back knowing I took someone's virginity away. "I knew by the way you were acting. But hey, you were in on it." I shrug, "Just...this stays between you and me." "Always." I say pulling my shirt over my head and sliding my pants on. "Good" she nods. "I'll call you later okay. I promise." I hug her tightly, she hugs back gently and I leave. Oh God, she must feel so terrible. Sweet little Emily is now sleeping with me, innocent, sweet, Emily just slept with me. Oh my God. I can only imagine what she's thinking right now. 

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