Skinny Love {Harry's POV}

Harry's Point of View and prequel to Skinny Love


3. Alright

It's been about a month. I heard from Liam that Emily went back to the states, she's never home so I think he's right. Her stuff is still there but she's gone. She's not here,  I've even tried to look for her at the odd hours of the morning to see if her lights are on. They never are. It says her number is disconnected, this is worse than breaking up with someone, I feel like a part of me has just been ripped out from underneath me. 
  Taylor and I go out on dates, kiss, hug, and then she brings me home to her hotel. She wants me to go to the states with her for a while but I have no intention except if I can go find Emily. We never speak, all she does is kiss me, I need to get out of this. "Come on, babe" she says, I back up a bit. "I can't go." I say giving her an frustrated look. "Why?" "Complicated" 
Two months, three months, four months. More disconnected phone calls and no lights. It's May, she needs to be here. Today, May 2, I decide to call her mother. Mrs. Davis answers, "Hello?" She asks "Hello, Mrs. Davis–" "Harry?" She asks eagerly. "Yes, it's me" I smile finally getting ahold of her, well her family. "Emily is here, she'd probably appreciate speaking to you." "Please?" I beg. "Here she is" I hear her hand the phone to her, her mother explains who it is and I can tell she grabbed the phone. "Harry?" She cries out into the phone. "Emily, Em, Emily it's you. Please come back. I need you." "If I could, I would but a plane ticket costs my entire life savings right now." She coughs clearing her throat softly. "I'll fly you out" I get excited, she sighs "only this once." "Alright, I'll get you out here in two days" I smile knowing she's agreeing to come back. "Hey, Harry..." "Yeah?" "Love you." Happiness is in her voice. "Love you too." I smile. It feels real this time, just rolling off my tongue instead if forcing it out. I go and pick up her necklace on the hard wooden floor before the door. I smooth my hand over the turquoise pendant. I put it in  my pocket. 

  Two days have passed and now I'm at the airport waiting for Emily. I see her getting out of the way of people, she sees me and runs. I hold her in my arms because this is as close to real love. I guided her to the car, for some reason I wanted to be romantic with her, but then I can't kiss her because people would suspect that I'm a man whore. "I'm taking you back to my house." I say smiling, "for what?" She asks, I didn't want to say anything that'd make her upset. "What? I can't have some time with you? God, you've been away for months babe, I mean Em." She chuckles, "Harry, I'm so happy to see you, I'll be glad to come over." Her hand is lost in my hair, I wanted to kiss her but the press would never let me off easy. Neither would Taylor. "Are you hungry?" I ask, she shakes her head no. "Why not, you love my cooking?" I drive, she stays quite. "Hey, hello, talk Em," I snap my fingers to get her attention. "What, what?" She jumps. "Nothing, just were almost home." I laugh to break the silence, she joins in. "Ugh," she grabs my bicep, "I've missed you H, I've missed you." I reach for her hand, breaking it away from my arm. I take it and kiss it. Emily looks up at me kind of surprised at this, "We can't have fun?" "Okay but I'm not playing Mommy and Daddy all night if we do this we do it like men and women." Emily raises an eyebrow, she my phone out of my tight pant pocket and turns it off. "You want fun right?" At this point she's caught on to the friends with benefits, she knows I'm sort of using her body but keeping our friendship that's real. I love her but her body is a wonderland. This sounds so foolish of me to think but it's what every guy thinks of, Emily is the real one. Good body, class, sweet, beautiful, and she always obeys. This is the girl I know, the girl who means the most to me but yet I still can't acknowledge most of the things she thinks of about me. What if she loves me, like forever love. Or maybe she's using me for my body too. I can't believe I just thought that, he would never. I'm not the most amazing thing in this world but to her I'm pretty damn supreme. Confidence is a lot, but I...I really shouldn't be using her body like this but God. I have to tell her, I have to liberate what my real feelings are. I love Emily. I love her. I love her. I love her. For real this time. 
I'm going to test her, see what happens when I act like I'm using her. Because I have to break up with Taylor at one point. 

Wow, two years fly by so fast. Emily sits in the blue pale chair in the corner after Taylor leaves, her hair falls on her shoulder and down her back. The black shadows of her eye make up on her cheek, breakouts on her skin. Poor thing, I reach out my finger and motion her to come over. She slowly comes, I ask her to come closer which she does. I kiss her and that morning was perfect actually. After that round, she gets up and goes. That sad thing is, is that I didn't hold her or keep her in my arms. 
I take a shower and get dresses, knowing she doesn't want to talk I don't speak to her. She sits there still and quiet, and then Taylor arrives back to soon. Emily sits in the chair still, Taylor barges in practically yelling and tearing Emily apart but what does Emily do? She lets her. It breaks me inside, I prying Taylor off of Emily. She leaves and Emily is still there stronger. I help her up and she flops back onto the chair. Keeping myself clear of her, I hear her shuffle around, as if she was going to leave again. "You stopping me?" She stands in front of me. "Debating" I say, "Listen, I love you with my entire heart, I don't just have sex, I make love and that sounds so cheesy but is rather have you know what I feel then spending forever knowing where I ran off too. Because right now, there's a line between I'm gone or yours back in that stupid ass bedroom until the day I die." Hurt flushes across Emily's face, her cheeks colorless. "Come here" I say making room in the couch. She slowly walks over to the couch. We play around a bit, I make her feel better. We kiss, things get pretty intense. I lead her to the room but she doesn't want too. So we lay in our thoughts, she takes my necklace and clanks it against hers, the sound of the metal rings through my ears. We talk about how things used to be and how they should be. We do another round of a sex wave and then she leaves do too Taylor coming back after her scene. I knew I had to end this. I love Emily too much to be using her like this. Taylor kisses me, she notices Emily's scent on me and my sweaty body and wet hair. She looks at me like a child, a dumb child. "Did you...?" She sighs almost crying. "I love her more than you, you can't just come in and smack the only girl I have an actual chance in. Taylor, I'm sorry but we are over. I'll send your stuff over when it's packed up. Okay?" I say sliding on my white shirt over my body. My underwear and jeans go next. Taylor stuffs her things she's brought over here into her arms and leaves with a loud shatter of the door and the rustle of the house. I decide to race over to Emily's, she's probably a mess. I just hope she understands what I'm meaning. I race to my car, I quickly drive over to her house and yell for her. "Emily! Where are you?" I yell, I burst through every door and then the bathroom. She's lying in the bottom of the bathtub and there's blood from her head. I panic. I pull her out of the water and hold her, "Wake up, Emily wake up. Come on babe wake up.." I try not to cry but it's actually so hard to keep calm when you see the person you officially love on the floor bleeding unconscious. "Emily, please." I cry, I pull out my phone and call the emergency hotline, she grabs my hand and tries to speak, she speaks "Ha—Harry" she says, "I can't see. I have a headache." She cries, I hold her in my arms, she sighs and cries holding me. I grab her robe and put it on her, I carry her to her room, and call a home doctor to look at her. In my way I have connections to have a home doctor. He says she's out, knackered so when she wakes up be prepared. I sleep on the couch for the night, waking up every hour to check in on Emily. 

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