I'm In Love With You?

"An accident, that's what this was. She knew it, I knew it, but yet, I couldn't stop feeling something. I had a girlfriend, and Jade had a life, so why was I trying to make this something it wasn't? Or maybe it was exactly what I thought. Love."~Harry Styles


2. Quinn Danvers

Hi I'm Quinn and I love food.

Sorry, it;s just I have this relationship, you know? It's like we are meant to be.

But yeah what Jade told you about me is true. My parents are divorced and I live next to her and that I take online courses. Except not for the same thing. I study culinary arts. Thats why I love food so much.

Don't get me wrong I love cooking but baking, now thats a different story. I can't under any circumstances bake anything! It just doesn't work, so I leave that up to Jade, she can bake very well. 

I'm Irish. yeah I've lived in Lancashire most of my life, but i'm originally from Dublin which means I still have a small hint of an accent.

 I chose to live with my dad for the simple reason that I didn't want to move schools at age 11, and I couldn't leave Jade. it just wouldn't  work, we rely on each other too much. We made a promise the we would never move, and if we had to, the otherwould have to come along.

 But that promise was broken, no not by Jade, but by that horrible phone call her Mum got, sent everyone a little bonkers, and in the chaos Jade was shipped to live with her Dad. And I wasn't allowed to go with her, for the stupid reason that my Dad thouhgt it was too far away. Yeah he pissed me right the fuck off. 

But thats not important right now, I'll just let Jade take it from here. She can tell you the story, because sadly, it's not mine to tell.

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