I'm In Love With You?

"An accident, that's what this was. She knew it, I knew it, but yet, I couldn't stop feeling something. I had a girlfriend, and Jade had a life, so why was I trying to make this something it wasn't? Or maybe it was exactly what I thought. Love."~Harry Styles


3. Chapter 1

 A phone call, that's all it takes to change someones life. It was Christmas. I was sitting on the couch with my new laptop, messaging Quinn. She was explaining to me what she got when the phone rang. Shane and I looked at each other, neither of us wanting to get up and get it.

"Shane you answer it" I said, pointing to it.

 he shook his head."No, you get up and get it your older"

"And your younger, so therefore what I say goes." I said, the phone ringing the fourth time. Just as I was about to answer it, Mum showed up, clicking the talk button. I sighed in relief as I went back to talking toQuinn, getting a message also from Michael. Then Shane scooted closer to me, poking me and then gesturing to Mum.

Her back was to us and her shoulders were shaking hard. That indicated she was either crying or laughing. I watched as she hung up the phone, setting it down on the counter and bringing her hands up to her eyes. Shane and I exxhanged lookes and looked back to Mum, who has turned to us. Tears were streaming down her face as she spoke.

"Kids, I've just got a call from your Dad. It seems your Gandad's passed away." She said taking my breath away. But he had just left. not even an hour ago.

"W-what? How?" I asked sitting up straight. Shane just watch me and mum not saying anything.

"There was a drunk driver, and he hit your Grandad's car head on." She breathed, trying to wipe the tears away. That s when tears stared falling from my eyes. Shane fell into my body, his shoulders shaking. He was mumbling "No" against my sweatshirt as I hugged him. Mum joined the hug. 

Grandad. He was like a father figure to me. You see,my Dad moved when I was only 8 years old and he didnt  visit much due to his job, so whenever I had a football game or school event. Granada would always come, even when Dad couldn't make it. He was always there for me.

Once everyone's eyes were nearly dried, Mum spoke. "Jade your Dad's very upset and he needs someone to stay with him. So we've decided that your taking a train upto Holmes Chapel, Chesire and staying with him for a while." She said making my heart break more. Not only did my Grandad just die but she's shipping me off to live with my Dad for god know how long.

"What youcan't be serious. Everything I l love is here in Adlington, you can't just ship me off somewhere.", I stated.

"I know you don't want to go,but your 18 now, Puppet, and you've always wanted to see what else was out there. And its the right thing to do, Jade, your father needs you."

"Dad needs me? Where was he when I needed him, huh? He didn't take a train down here and stay with me, did he?", I asked defensive. Mum sighed, knowing I was right. But she also knew she was right too, and there was no way I was going to win this fight."Fine if i'm going I'm bringing Quinn with me!" 

I'm sorry Jade but Quinn cant go." She said making me shoot up.

"Michael?", I asked, making her shake her head to him aswell. I growled, clearly frustrated. I swiped my laptop off the cofee table and sprinted to my room and slammed the door. The tears began to fall more and more as I realised whst just happened.

 Then there was a knock at my window showing a snow covered Michael. I wiped away my tears as best as I could and opened the window. His smiled faded when he saw my face.

"What's the matter dove?", he asked climbing through my window.

"Its a long story...", I said sitting on my bed. He pulled off his jacket and sat beside me.

 "WellI've got time" he said making me smile. I sighed and nodded trying to find the right words. And as I told him, he listened to me, hanging on to every word I spoke. Maybe thats why I keep falling for him, hes just such a good lad. But he would never be mine, and a lot of other lads wouldn't be mine either. I guess I just had to face the facts. I belonged to a boy that I hadnt met yet, I just had to wait....

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