"Nobody Dates My Sister. Got It?"

Lilliana Tomlinson (Lily) is the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. Older sister of Charlotte (Lottie), Georgia, Felicity (Fizzy), Pheobe and Daisy. This is what happens when Lilliana meets Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.



Ok guys, so here are the winners of the competition I put on at least three months ago now. So here are the results.


@JayS. = Liam's friend



Name: Jay Summers

Age: 17

Looks: Long, straight, brown hair. Blue eyes. Tall, fit.

Family: Aaron Summers (Dad) Angela Summers (Mum)

Extra Info: I got piano lessons and voice lessons when I was eleven. Ever since then, music has been my passion. You can never take it away from me. I'm a bit crazy but most stable within my group of friends.

Pets: Golden Retriever, Jazz


@Raven Lynne = Liam's girlfriend



Name: Raven Lynne

Age: 19

Looks: Bright blue eyes and long, curly, blonde hair.

Family: Carla Lynne (Mum) Jackson Lynne (Brother)

Pets: Two cats, Masie and Kacey.

Extra Info: I love to have fun. Ever since I started dating Liam, I have gotten SO popular. It's perfect for my singing carrer. I also got voice lessons when I was six up until I was eighteen!


@I'm A Princess <3 = Harry's best friend.



Name: Lyla Hathaway

Age: 17

Looks: Curly brown hair with red highlights that is ALWAYS up in a pony tail. Caramel coloured eyes. 5'4 and curvy in all the right places.

Family: Alice Hathaway (Mum) Darren Hathaway (Dad) Carmen Hathaway (Older sister, 20) Ben Hathaway (Older brother, 23)

Extra Info: I used to get bullied at school, that was until I completely ditched. I left my old school and came home, went straight onto my laptop and enrolled myself in a brand new school. Far away from London. I enrolled myself in a school in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. That's where I met Harry Styles, and we became the closest friends ever. So when he became famous, he offered to take me on his one year tour around the world. I accepted and now live in his house with him and the rest of the band. I run track and play football (A/N In England, we call Soccer football.) I sing, play piano and the violin.

Pets: Husky puppy called Sasha.




There you go guys. Thats the new characters that are being used. Congratulations on being chosen.

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