"Nobody Dates My Sister. Got It?"

Lilliana Tomlinson (Lily) is the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. Older sister of Charlotte (Lottie), Georgia, Felicity (Fizzy), Pheobe and Daisy. This is what happens when Lilliana meets Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.


1. Chapter 1

Lily's P.O.V


"...and the most important rule is nobody dates my sister. Got it?" Louis ranted down the phone. Typical Louis. I pushed my long, brown hair out of my eyes and looked in my mirror, checking I looked alright. Yep, I'm Louis Tomlinson's sister. My name is Lily Jasmine Tomlinson and I'm seventeen. I have one older brother - Louis, obviously - and four younger sisters, Charlotte (Lottie), Georgia, Felicity (Fizzy), Pheobe and Daisy. I'm proud of my long, dark brown hair, but thats all I'm proud of. At school, I was bullied. Right until I came home with bruises and a broken arm, nobody knew about it. Louis forced me to tell him. I was dragged out of my school and Louis made me come with him on tour with his band mates. "Come on then Lily!" Louis called.

"Coming!" I called back. I checked in the mirror one last time, then walked downstairs, grabbing my shoes on the way. I don't wear make-up, by the way. And I am extremely ugly. Though Louis won't admit it.

"Lets go then gorgeous." Louis said. I slapped him. I am not gorgeous. We climbed into the car and I turned on the radio. How Ya' Doin' was on by Little Mix, Zayn's girlfriend is in that band, I think. "You excited to meet the boys?" Louis asked me. I shook my head. They won't like me. Nobody likes me. Louis has to, because he's my brother.


The car ride was boring. All that happened was we rocked out as Louis and his band's new song 'Best Song Ever' came on the radio. In my opinion, it really is the best song ever!

"We're here!" Louis sang in a ridiculous voice as we parked up. I lifted my head up and looked out of the window. A huge house - possibly even a mansion - greeted me.

"It's..." I couldn't even finish my sentence. I was awe-struck. A loud beep brought me out of my trance. Four teenagers came running out of the colossal house.

"Louis!" The youngest looking shouted. He had messy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was gorgeous.

"Lily? Lily? LILY!" I jumped in shock and saw Louis with a smug smile on his face, and the rest of the boys were laughing. All except for Niall, who looked at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Um... Yes?" I said, which sent Louis and the three friends that were laughing into the stage of 'I'm going to die I'm laughing so hard'.

Once they decided they were finished, a boy with curly brown hair and brilliant green eyes opened the car door for me and I climbed out. "You didn't have to open the door for me." I shyly said and green eyes chuckled.

"I'll do anything for a beautiful young lady like you." As I smiled, Louis glared at the boy, took my shoulders and led me inside the house which will hold so many of my memories from now 'till the day I die.

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