"Nobody Dates My Sister. Got It?"

Lilliana Tomlinson (Lily) is the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. Older sister of Charlotte (Lottie), Georgia, Felicity (Fizzy), Pheobe and Daisy. This is what happens when Lilliana meets Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam.


2. A/N: Sorry guys

OMG guys I am really annoyed right now. Last night I wrote a full chapter and I've just come on and realised IT'S GONE! It took me so long to write and was so detailed. I've forgot what happens now.


Ok, sorry for my rambling, I need some characters! EEK!! Ok, here's what I need:


Liam's girlfriend (who just wants him for the fame)

Harry's best friend (who will become his girlfriend)

Liam's friend (who he meets on the streets and eventually falls in love with)


Here's what you'll need to fill out:


Name of character:


Looks (Picture or description eg: long, wavy blonde hair, straight brown hair sapphire blue eyes, chocolate brown eyes, tall, short, slim, large...):




Extra Info?:


Ok thanks so much guys. Love ya so much!!!! XX

Hugs and kisses


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