1D Imagines

The boys have met wonderful girls everywhere they have gone but only special girls have had a relationship with them! Found out who through these magical 1D imagines.


3. the mrs zayn malik and Zayn

     Your walking alone on the beach. Its a breezy summer afternoon. For some reason there isn't anyone there. You have been walking for around three hours before it is almost pitch black. Figuring you better head home, you turn around and hear, "I think I saw him run over here!" Not realizing you were there, a tall figure ran into you, pushing you to the ground with them on top.

     They help you up and whisper in your ear, "Don't scream, just follow me. I'll explain on the way." "Okay." You mumble. Running through what now seemed like trees, you finally stopped. "Um, hello, explanation please!" You whisper/yell. "Oh, right, sorry. Just, please, don't scream." "Okay." "My name is Zayn Malik and I am from One Direction. And there was like fifty different girls chasing after me and the boys, so we split up and I just happened to run into you." He said in one breath. "Oh." You say, deep in thought. "Well whats your name?" "My name is (your name here)." "Why were you on the beach? Its closed so we can film 'What Makes You Beautiful'." You feel your cheeks get warm. "I...it is?" You manage to say. "Yeah, but that's okay. I'm happy we met. Do you wanna hang out tonight?" "Really?" "Yeah." Zayn chuckles. "Um...sure. But I have no way of getting home." "That's okay. I can drop you off." "Okay." You giggle.

         That's when they found you. "There he is!!!!" One girl screamed. "Will you just leave me alone?!?" Zayn sighed. "As soon as you date one of us." Screamed another. Zayn and I had the same idea. I blended into the group of girls and Zayn quickly said "FINE!" He grabbed my hand and said, "I pick her." "Now you have to kiss!" Shouted a tall girl from the back of the group. "No." He plainly said. "Then we won't leave you alone!" Shouted the youngest of the group with an evil grin. That's when Zayn took my hand, turned me around and kissed me until finally they all left. Unfortunatly, Zayn and I both know that they took pictures. "Sorry." Zayn mumbled. "Its fine Zayn."

          He grabbed my hand and lead me down a narrow path that ended at the beach. "Do you wanna have a little stroll along the beach?" Zayn asks. "But I've been walking for four hours." I whine. Zayn then picks me up bridal style and starts walking with me in his arms.


---------------------------------1 year later--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

         You and Zayn have a unpredictably strong relationship and it keeps growing stronger by the minute.

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