1D Imagines

The boys have met wonderful girls everywhere they have gone but only special girls have had a relationship with them! Found out who through these magical 1D imagines.


2. Cassidy and Harry

-Harry- As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. "Hi" "Hi!" She said in the middle of singing along to Icona Pops 'I Love It'. Once she looked up she realized who I was. "OMG! Your Harry Styles!" She blurted out. As soon as she realized what she said she blushed uncontrollably. "Yeah, I am. And I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?" "I would love too!" -Cassidy- OMG! Harry Styles just asked if I wanted to hang out with him! I followed him to an empty table at the way back of the concert. "What are we doing?" "Were going to hang out here. Is that ok?" "Yeah, sure." I said somewhat nervously. He grabbed my hand and sat down, pulling me with him. "Do you drink?" He asked with a smirk. "Um....No. We both are under aged, what are you talking about?" "Do you want to try one?" "Um....No!" I said starting to worry. "Good. By the way, that was a test."He said with a wink. After chatting for what seemed like forever, the concert ended and we went back to Harry's place. I ended up sleeping over too. ---------------------------------The Morning------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Cassidy?" Harry said, just waking up. "Harry?" Oh god. I thought yesterday was just a dream. "I know its sudden and all but I feel like I have known you forever......Will you go out with me?" "Yes! I will absolutely go out with you!" -------------------------------------------1 YEAR LATER------------------------------------------------------------------ You are now so happy with eachother that the news went viral the day after Harry actually asking you. You got to change your facebook status to 'in a relationship' and all your friends are super jealous, but in a good way.

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