1D Imagines

The boys have met wonderful girls everywhere they have gone but only special girls have had a relationship with them! Found out who through these magical 1D imagines.


1. Athena and Harry

Your at a soccer game. Harry Styles sits right next to you and compliments on your outfit. All throughout the game he is staring and complimenting you. You finally build up the nerve to ask, "What?"

"Nothing, just enjoying the view." He replied with a mischevious grin.

"Okay, this is just plain creepy now."

Before you could walk away he grabs your hand, "Im sorry, just your so....perfect."

              You smile and look into his eyes. He leans in and kisses you. You cant think straight at he moment and start to kiss back.

              Next thing you know Harry asks, "Do you want to come over my flat?"


You two have been seeing each other for six months now.

Finally Harry asks, "Athena, do you want to make our relationship public now or...."

"Sure Harry." You say not as confidently as you wanted it.

Your relationship went viral. You started seeing Harry less and less. But your relationship only grew stronger.

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